Genealogy Made Easy: 16 Ideas under 20 Minutes

August 7, 2019  - by 
Two teenage boys look at a phone together. Genealogy is made easy with new technology

Want to do genealogy but don’t have a lot of time? No problem! Genealogy is made easy with these quick activities. Learn more about yourself and your family history in just a few minutes.

2 Minutes

genealogy made easy with Friends use relatives around me app

5 Minutes

10 Minutes

A family sits together on a couch and plays a game as another genealogy made easy strategy

20 Minutes

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    1. Swadeka , First create an account here at The first person you enter is yourself. then put in your parents and if you know their names put in your grandparents also. Each person entered try to have their name, as well as date and place of birth and death. For each person you can search records to find more information. Help is available locally when you click on the help button it will give you information to communicate with other family research leaders in your area.

  1. I’m looking for occupations of ancestors. I know some are listed on census. Any back story on them would be much appreciated.