Genealogy Made Easy: 16 Ideas under 20 Minutes

August 7, 2019  - by 

Want to do genealogy but don’t have a lot of time? No problem! Genealogy is made easy with these quick activities. Learn more about yourself and your family history in just a few minutes.

2 Minutes

Friends use relatives around me app

5 Minutes

10 Minutes

A family sits together on a couch and plays a game

20 Minutes

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  1. As a new Ward and Temple Family History Leader, I am trying to overcome decades of Family History being equated to “Genealogy” with its implied pedigree charts, family group sheets, and something only for old people. FamilySearch needs to replace the word Genealogy with Family History. This is an excellent blog but let’s do Family History and not Genealogy.

    1. Steven you bring up a really valid concern. Thanks for commenting and giving input. We have researched this extensively and have learned that most of the world still uses the term genealogy. We want our content to be seen and used by everyone, and by using the term “genealogy” our blog articles are more visible on search engines. Hopefully by reading this article, people will see that genealogy is so much more than just doing pedigree charts and family group sheets!