Genealogy Made Easy: 16 Ideas under 20 Minutes

August 7, 2019  - by 
Two teenage boys look at a phone together. Genealogy is made easy with new technology

Want to do genealogy but don’t have a lot of time? No problem! Genealogy is made easy with these quick activities. Learn more about yourself and your family history in just a few minutes.

2 Minutes

genealogy made easy with Friends use relatives around me app

5 Minutes

10 Minutes

A family sits together on a couch and plays a game as another genealogy made easy strategy

20 Minutes

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  1. Please help me fine the parents of Vincente Norombaba. As I know he was from Samar. His ancestor is Rosa Acar.

  2. I would like the source information for the children of Benjamin Dolph (Dewolf) and Peggy Higbe, supposedly Eleazer (Elizur) and Joseph Dolph

  3. Not good on this my father was Joseph Alexander Gates mother Kathleen Millicent Coffey I was illegitimate but need info about my brother or half brother Victor Alexander Gate born 19XX cambridge uk my mother was Coffey from Dublin Ireland. Just found out these details

  4. My first name is a city and my surname is Hirst, which is a town. I am English, from the top of my head to my toes, which is probably the Irish bit in me. I look more like my paternal grandmother, Lily Morton Hirst, and her mother too, Lavinia Worsnop Morton.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    May I use your ideas in our Family History Newsletter for our ward. If you agree, I would site you as a source as published in

    1. Hi Mari! You can share any of the FamilySearch Blog articles with your ward newsletter. Please include the article’s URL for reference Thank you for reading the blog and for sharing it with others!