Genealogy Fan Chart: Display and Print Your Family Tree in 7 Ways

April 15, 2020  - by 
genealogy chart - FamilySearch fan chart

The FamilySearch Family Tree provides an easy, free family tree template for your genealogy. Not only do you have four options for viewing your online family tree chart, but you can also print and display your genealogy fan chart in seven ways!

To view and print your fan chart, you need to have a family tree on It is absolutely free to create an account and start filling out the family tree template.

You can find your family tree fan chart by going to your family tree on and selecting Fan Chart from the menu in the top-left corner (or you can click here to go straight to the fan chart view).

The genealogy fan chart usually displays you as the central person. To start the fan chart with someone else on your tree, simply find that person on your fan chart, click the person’s name, and then click the Tree link in the box that appears.  

Different Family Tree Fan Chart Views

Once you have selected who you want at the center of the chart, you can view the fan chart in different ways. In each case, the fan chart still shows the names of ancestors as well as birth and death years.

Family Lines

genealogy fan chart of family lines, a popular family tree chart. family tree template

This view shows a basic fan chart of your family tree. The parent boxes are outlined in a gradient color. The rest of the fan chart is outlined and organized into four colors, one for each grandparent and the person’s ancestral line.

Birth Country

family tree chart and template featuring a person's heritage

The Birth Country fan chart is a great way to see what countries you and your family come from. Each box is colored based on where your ancestors were born.


fan chart of sources attached to family tree

The Sources view shades each box in the fan chart according to how many sources are attached to the person. This view can especially help you discover people in your family tree who could use a few more sources.


fan chart of stories attached to family tree

The Stories fan chart shades each box according to how many stories or memories have been uploaded and attached to each person in the chart.

This view makes it easy to see which family members have stories you can read about. All you have to do is click the person’s box on the fan chart and then click the Person link. The person’s profile page will open, and you can view stories about the person in the Memories tab.


Similar to the Stories view, the Photos view shades the fan chart boxes based on how many photos have been attached to each individual in the family tree. To view these photos, click the person’s box on the fan chart and navigate to the person’s profile page to view memories.

Research Helps

Research helps genealogy chart

The Research Helps view of the genealogy chart can show you which people in your family tree could use a little more research. The boxes are organized in three categories, each with its own color—Data Problems, Record Hints, and Research Suggestions.

How to Adjust and Print Your Fan Chart

To adjust and print your fan chart, follow these steps:

  1. Use the Generations bar to select the number of generations you want to view in the genealogy chart.
  2. Select which view of the fan chart you would like to see by using the sidebar that appears on the left.
  3. Click the Options drop-down menu in the right corner. There, you can choose whether to invert the colors of the fan chart. When you are ready, select Print.
  4. A new tab opens that displays your fan chart. From there, you can download and print the genealogy chart.

How the FamilySearch Fan Chart Can Help You

When using these genealogy fan chart views to look at your family information, you are bound to make new discoveries. Instead of scrolling through your family tree chart or clicking on individual screens to gather information one piece at a time, you can now get an overview on one screen. And remember, it’s free to start filling out our family tree template!

The next time you are looking at your family on, take a moment to try the fan chart view. You just might see your family in a whole new way.

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    1. Why not use FamilyTreeMaker? It creates beautiful tree printouts – and it includes pictures of each relative. Gedcoms can’t handle pics.And…its easy to upload to

  1. I am trying to print a fan chart for my children and their spouses for Christmas. I am unable to get it to print to fill an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. When I print as is, it only prints the upper left side of the fan chart. When I go to the settings and print to fit printable area, it is centered but not very big. There is much more space to expand it, but I don’t know how to do that. Do I need to print out what I have and take it to a printer to make it larger?

    1. Hi Denny! Thank you for your question. You can “print” the fan chart as a PDF and save it to a USB drive and then take it to a printer to have it printed on larger paper. Also, before you save as a PDF you need to choose how many generations you’d like to include from 4-7 generations. This will also affect the size of the chart.

      1. Amy- is there a way to bump up the size of the pie chart to fill the 8 1/2 x11 space. When I print to fit it leaves lots of space on the sheet

        1. Hi Jack! Thank you for your question. If you are printing 7 generations, it should fill nearly the entire page. If you have selected less generations, it will not fill the page.

        2. I would like to do a fan for each of my children. If I do with my name it is only half. Can I print a blank fan and fill it in by hand

          1. Hi Verlene! You can add in your spouse to the Family Tree and connect them to their deceased generations. Then add in your children. Then create a fan chart from the PID of each of your children.

  2. Muito bom este projeto. Onde muitas das pessoas não sabem das suas dos seus antepassados. Principalmente os negros no Brasil e no Nordeste por cousa da antiga escravidão perdia o direito de sabe de quer país da África saíram e não podia ter uma família em um sobrenome. Hoje não sabemos quem eram nossos bisas avôs.

    Google Translate – Portuguese to English: This project is very good. Where many people are unaware of their ancestors’. Especially blacks in Brazil and the Northeast due to the old slavery lost the right to know any country in Africa left and could not have a family under a surname. Today we don’t know who our great grandfathers were.

  3. Is there a way to create a fan chart from a GEDCOM file without having to compare/review each of the 500 names I have already discovered?

    1. Hi Lynn! Thank you for your question. Have you checked to see if the people are already in FamilySearch? Perhaps you don’t need to go through the process of matching a GEDCOM. If they are not already in the Tree, then you will need to do the work to compare and review each person before they will appear in the Tree. Once in the Tree you will be able to print a fan chart.

  4. I have created a tree on FTM and want to upload it as a gedcom file to family search. There is a tree as such already on Family search with only one person on it, me. How do I do this. I guess I have to merge with the existing one person tree, which seems odd. Please advise me. I cant see where to upload the gedcom.

      1. Thank you very much for your reply. I see now where I have to go. It is so well hidden I would never have found it on my own. I appreciate your help.

        1. So sorry. I have another question. I have uploaded my new tree to familysearch but my one person original tree is still there as the main tree. I cannot see how to merge them or to delete the original one person tree. I want to create the fan from my new uploaded tree. Any help please.