Free Weeklong United States Seminar

July 29, 2016  - by 
Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah

The Family History Library’s research specialists invite you to a free weeklong United States seminar. The seminar, which will be held on August 22–26, 2016, is perfect for beginning and intermediate genealogists interested in learning about U.S. regions and records, FamilySearch resources, and Family History Library collections.

Come and spend a week at the world-renowned Family History Library learning from our expert staff genealogists on how to effectively use the FamilySearch catalog, historical records, research wiki, and more. This year, various regions of the United States will be explored. Learn what records are unique to each region and what records are similar across various regions. Discover new techniques, strategies, and methodology to apply to your genealogical research problems.

In-house seating is limited to 120 attendees, and this year all classes will be held as webinars except for the hands-on activities. We ask that all participants register for the seminar whether they are planning on participating in house or online. Each in-house participant will be provided a free spiral-bound syllabus containing all class handouts and materials. Those attending by webinar will be able to print the handouts at home.

We hope this seminar will not only be informative and instructive, but that it will also encourage and inspire you to continue your family history research. Perhaps this seminar will be just what you need to break through a 20-year brick-wall research problem. We look forward to working with you!

To register for the seminar, please visit the FamilySearch wiki at:


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  1. Has anyone thought about the majority of people who don’t live in the area? Will the seminar be videotaped and posted for the rest of us? There can almost never be too much help learning to use the library’s resources.

    1. The article states: “This year all classes will be held as webinars except for the hands-on activities.”

  2. Thank you for offering this also as a webinar. I am not sure how to sign up for the webinar. there is a “0” and a check. Which do I use. I am assuming the numbers are for how many will be watching. Is that correct? I am very anxious to watch EVERY one of them.

  3. i cannot get the signup site to show anything, it is blank. I want to signup for the webinars. Please help. I live in
    Washington state

  4. I will be on vacation that week – out of country. Will the webinars be recorded and offered online for viewing at a later date?

  5. My name is Alloysius, am a Nigerian and married also with one kid. I really want to use this opportunity to the group that is organizing this precious seminar and would like to come over pertak to the seminar with my family. Thanks