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August 30, 2017  - by 

Strengthen your home and family through family history work.


Family history can be a powerful defense for families in today’s troubled world. Church leaders have promised numerous blessings to those who participate in this work, including more closeness and joy in your family, increased knowledge and faith, and divine protection throughout your lives.

If you’re looking for ways to fortify your home through the power of family history, these ideas can help. Each of the following presentations was given at the 2017 RootsTech family history conference in a class titled, “Grandma’s Syrup: Fortifying Your Home with Family History.

Keep and Tell Stories

Telling the stories of your ancestors can bless your home.

Plan Tangible Activities

Find activities to plan family history into your life.

Share Food Traditions

Discover your family's story through food traditions.

Gather with a Purpose

Find a purpose to the family history work you're doing.



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  1. The site has gotten so slow, that I’ve given up trying to add Memories, Sources, and even people. Will it ever be worthwhile to use it again?

    1. For now, I recommend selecting Get Help in the top right corner of the home page. From there, you can either look to see if other people are having the same issue or you can select Contact Us to report the issue. I searched for “load” under Get Help and then Help Center and found this article, which may be helpful:

      1. Wait. Are you saying that the FamilySearch Family Tree site gives higher priority to updates from mobile devices than from computers? Why? Why on earth would FSFT prefer connections from wireless devices over connections from wired computers?

        1. FamilySearch is constantly updating both their desktop and their mobile websites and applications. I was merely suggesting different things you can try that may help with your problem.

          1. You seem to be assuming that my computer must be at fault and that I can’t detect it. About 3am on Sunday mornings, FSFT works pretty well. By 3pm, it’s clogged. I don’t think that’s a problem with my computer, repeating itself weekend after weekend.

            1. I apologize that it came across that way, but I assure you that it was not in my intentions to imply that it is your computer’s fault. It may also be helpful to try using the website on a lower-traffic day, such as a Tuesday. I recommend seeking further technical help at the FamilySearch Help Center here:

              You can also contact FamilySearch to report these technical issues here:

              1. I AGREE WITH Marion she is 2000% CORRECT…..Time Family Search to put more attention into correcting YOUR TECH STUFF.

                  1. I think the site is clogged on the weekends because we have been counselled to do Family History on the Sabbath. So everyone uses that day to do so. Then those of us who work on our families everyday, have a hard time using the site. 😉

  2. I think it is wonderful, I came from a poor family, but I have a hard time finding ancestors. Memories live until we forget or pass away. I love.

  3. I just wanted to say thank you for simply “making it blue”. Even though it doesn’t show as a link address, even the relatively computer-unfriendly can recognize blue is a link. The link was just what I needed to motivate my family quickly with the message I wanted to send about the BLESSINGS “afforded those” who engage in this work. And in the VOICES of MANY PROPHETS (not just my mom voice that is often times out). Anyhoo, this stuff helps us! Thanks #MAKEitBLUE 🙂 *And that is was short… 3 minutes is perfect.