Fortify Your Home: Keep and Tell Stories

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Family History Can Guide and Protect

We know that the family history work we do blesses our ancestors as we find their names and complete temple ordinances on their behalf. But as Church leaders have promised repeatedly in recent years, the blessings of family history can have a positive impact on our families and homes as well.

In a 2011 talk, Elder David A. Bednar promised that as we accept and act on the invitation to become involved in family history, we will be “protected against the intensifying influence of the adversary” and “safeguarded throughout . . . [our] lives. As we make family history a priority in our homes, it can become a powerful defense for our families in today’s troubled world. Here are some ideas to help busy families add simple family history activities to their daily lives.

Family History Can Happen Naturally

It can seem overwhelming to fit family history into our busy schedules, as much as we want to have that promised protection for our families. But there are so many things that we do naturally in our lives that could just be tweaked to become part of our personal histories, including the following:

  • Family newsletters
  • Emails to your children or family members
  • Calendars of family events and activities
  • Social media posts

What if you compiled these simple things you already do into something that will last?

Find out how you may already be participating in family history!

Your Family, Your Story

Fit family history to your needs, not the other way around.One thing that I have loved to do is make tortillas with my family. We use a recipe that has been handed down for generations. My sweet grandmother has Alzheimer’s, and a few months ago I took a simple video of her making tortillas, perhaps for the last time. As I watched her make those tortillas, I thought about all the times I sat in her kitchen and she told me stories of faith and resilience. Now I have that one recording that I can share for those who will not have the opportunity to sit in her kitchen and learn from her.

Start today. Start simple. You might consider participating in #52Stories, a new project from FamilySearch that provides 52 prompts to help you share one story about your life each week this year. One story can make all the difference. You might think, “I don’t matter, nobody cares,” but that’s not true. You are exceptional. You matter. Your story is important. Find a way to do what you are doing right now in a way that is permanent and lasting. As you do, you will feel and recognize the protection that come as a love for your ancestors and their lives is instilled in your home.

These tips were presented by Allison Kimball during a class titled “Grandma’s Syrup: Fortifying Your Home with Family History,” at the 2017 RootsTech family history conference.

Fortify Your Home

Telling the stories of your ancestors can bless your home.

Plan Tangible Activities

Find activities to plan family history into your life.

Share Food Traditions

Discover your family's story through food traditions.

Gather with a Purpose

Find a purpose to the family history work you're doing.



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  1. Our family History Center is in charge of 3 wards in our area. In one of the wards there is also a Hispanic speaking group.
    We are wanting to present this information as part of a Discovery Day. Is this information available in Spanish, or is there an easy way to translate it. We are planning our activity for February 24th.

  2. One of my favorite Family History quotes is by Madeleine L’Engle. She stated, “if you don’t recount your family history, it will be lost. Honor your own stories and tell them too. The tales may not seem very important, but they are what binds families and makes each of us who we are.”