Finding Your French Ancestors

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A street in Paris

Do you have French ancestry and wonder where to start learning more about them? As you learn about your ancestors, take some time to learn about the country and the records that you can access to discover more about them. You’ll learn that a wealth of information and records are available to help you!

France is a country with a long, storied past. If you’re new to French genealogy research and looking for a place to start, this FamilySearch article gives fascinating insight into French history and the records that are available. However, if you’re looking for basic how-to starters, read on!

French papers and records

FamilySearch Research Wiki

The FamilySearch Research Wiki is a good place to start. To find the wiki, as well as other helpful information, click the Help button at the top of the main FamilySearch page. The wiki focuses on research strategies, gives lists of websites and suggestions for finding records, and offers a clickable map of countries that leads you to pages to browse for information. For French research, you can find information and help including the following:

The France Online Genealogy Records button on the wiki page takes you to a page with more links to available records, histories, lists, directories, and periodicals.

French photographs, including the eiffel tower.

More Help Available

The FamilySearch wiki page also has links to other genealogy sites that can help you find your French ancestors. Take a look at these sites that may give more information that you need.

Chat Rooms

Still looking for more help? Do you want to connect with others searching in the same area? Modern technology makes it easy to connect with others who have similar interests.

At the bottom of the wiki page, click the Ask the Community button to find groups that you can connect to, such as the Southern Europe Genealogy Research Community. Who knows? Maybe you’ll connect to a cousin!

Notre Dame cathederal in france.

Start Now to Explore Your French Connections

Our ancestors were affected by events surrounding them, so as you start researching your French ancestors, take time to learn the history and culture that impacted them. One of the ways to help make history and geography come alive is by accessing the FamilySearch Where Am I From? feature, which can give you a view of where your ancestors lived during important world events, allow you to trace family lines across the world, and more! Try using this feature in tandem with Google Maps to see photos of your family’s homeland and virtually stand where your ancestors stood.

Try also to learn about local traditions or find dishes that your ancestors may have enjoyed. You might even adopt some of the traditions and foods in your immediate family!

Be sure to share what you learn on your FamilySearch tree and the FamilySearch Memories page to help them come alive for future generations.

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  1. I would like to get a Family Tree of my AncesTors From France like my GrandFaTher AnToine V. MiCHEL born 7-4-1885 and my GREAT GRANDFATHER , AND MY GREAT GREAT GRANDFATHER , and how we are relaTed to the FRENCH GENERAL CLAUDE ETiENNE MiCHEL born 10-3-1772 in POiNTRE , JURA , FRANCE . My name is Tony Michel i live in San Jose , California. Thank You.

  2. Thank you for prompting me to look in France for some of my family records. My family is Italian birthday records just stopped about the end of the 1800s. family stories indicate that perhaps they left Italy because of the political situation. I have pictures ask people in parks and in the background are buildings but I have no idea where. I can start looking in civil records I guess.

  3. Me gustaría encontrar mis antepasados en Francia, no conocí a mis bisabuelos, solo tengo datos de mi abuelo Rafael Toirac, fallecido en 1978 en la ciudad de Guantánamo, Cuba

    Google Translate – Spanish to English: I would like to find my ancestors in France, I did not know my great-grandparents, I only have information about my grandfather Rafael Toirac, who died in 1978 in the city of Guantánamo, Cuba