Find Others to Teach

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Find Others to Teach

Helping others with family history work is a lot like being a missionary. Why?

  • You are focused on bringing others to the ordinances of salvation.
  • You are focused on uniting and strengthening families on both sides of the veil.

The Holy Ghost will help you find others to teach as you seek its guidance. It will prompt you because Heavenly Father wants His children to have positive temple and family history experiences that build faith.


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  • See yourself as a missionary as you help others with family history. You are on the Lord’s errand.
  • Live worthy of the companionship of the Holy Ghost; act on promptings as they come.
  • Pray specifically to be led to those who are ready to have spiritual experiences with family history.
  • Work with your high priests group leader and others on the ward council to identify people you can help.

Ideas for Offering One-on-One Help

Adapt these ideas based on your ward and its unique needs.

  • Under the direction of your bishop, use Sunday School time to provide one-on-one help for a two or three week period based on the principles outlined in this article. The assistance you give during Sunday School should replace the six-week class that was offered previously. Avoid multiweek Sunday School courses that tend to focus on teaching exhaustive genealogical research skills. Focus Sunday School time on helping people accomplish their goals based on opportunities in their family trees.
  • Work with youth leaders to offer one-on-one help to youth classes or quorums.
  • Work with Primary leaders to offer one-on-one help to 11-year-olds preparing to go to the temple when they turn 12.
  • Offer to help families find family names as part of a family home evening.
  • Offer to help recently baptized members so they can attend the temple for the first time with family names.
  • Offer to help recently called missionaries who will attend the temple for the first time and would benefit from having family names as they subsequently attend the temple.


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    1. Well, I’m willing to try to help you, Ruth. I’m no expert, but I have experience with FamilySearch as well as practical family history work. What is your problem?

    2. What help do you need? We need more specific eg Are you registered? Have you got a family tree? Have you filled in as much as possible in the Family booklet. If you haven;t got one see your bishop or Family History consultant. Have you got any birth death marriage certificate? or are you way past most records on computer. Can you use familysearch ancestry findmypast my heritage?. Are you looking in a foreign language. do you have a Family history centre in your ward

  1. Why do they make it so hard for us older people who are not real good at computers and don’t easily relate to the latest programs. I have been doing indexing for at least 6-7 years and they keep changing the way we do it just when we get use to one program they change it to another more difficult than the last one. I have not had a chance to do it for a few months and when I tried to get into it this week I could not. I tried everything I could and finally gave up. Please do not make it so complicated for us dummies as we are trying to help and to do what we can to help out with indexing. And which I enjoying doing very much.

  2. I have been looking for this kind of information for months! Thank you for the articles and the beautiful videos in the “Teaching Others to Love Family History” series. I was recently asked by my ward Sunday School President to teach a 6 week course on family history. I looked everywhere on and and couldn’t find the old 6 week course manual or videos that I taught several years ago. I know they’re a little outdated but I was looking for some kind of manual to use because my bishop said to use the manual. After praying about it, I met with my 3 fellow ward family history consultants and we felt impressed to teach lessons that would help people make an emotional connection to their ancestors, to keep it light and fun. (Because I have taught lots of lessons that have been too technical or complicated!) We have been teaching lessons on stories and photos and simple research ideas like checking Our lessons have been somewhat successful BUT the ideas presented in this series about the importance of a positive first experience and giving 1:1 help are SO MUCH BETTER! I love the idea of previewing their tree ahead of time, which I have already been doing. What was new to me was the idea of keeping it short, simple, and spiritual. I have been meeting with people for 2+ hours because I wanted to show them all the cool stuff I found in their tree! I wondered why they didn’t want to do any more family history with me and I can see now that my approach was too overwhelming! Suggestion: Could you make this series easier to find? Could it be placed front and center under “Family History Consultants” on under “Serve and Teach”? I see there is a link to the blog in the right hand column but that is easy to dismiss if you’re on a hunt for training. These articles are so important I think they should be highlighted! Consultants should start here when they want to know how to effectively fulfill their callings.

    1. Stacie,
      Thank you very much for your kind and thoughtful feedback. We are currently revising the content on the callings pages based on the principles you’ve already seen on the blog articles. We hope to have this published in the next several months so stay tuned! Also, there will be more content and examples of these principles highlight at RootsTech in Feb 2017 and much of that information will be made available after the conference.
      –Mike Sandberg

  3. In the first bullet point under “Ideas for Offering One-on-One Help”, it suggests using principles in “this linked article”, but I can’t seem to find any linked article in this post. Can you provide the link, please?