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August 2, 2013  - by 
FamilySearch People Page

Not long ago, the FamilySearch Photos page was redesigned to include access to a new tool—the “Find photos of your ancestors” automated search. Clicking the blue button initiates a search of your tree to find closely related people that have been tagged in photos—by you or anyone else—and you are taken to your People page with the results. In some cases, people are finding photos uploaded by someone else of more than 50 ancestors—pretty great, right?  Try it by clicking the blue button (you’ll need to sign in):

Try it!

It’s very possible that I just lost my readers, and you are now discovering photos of ancestors that you have never seen before. Good enough. But just in case I held on to a few of you, here is some more information on a couple of interesting features that can be found once you get to the People page.

“Filter people by” drop-down

In addition to viewing all people, you can filter the view on the People page to view those:

  • Added by you
  • Added by someone else
  • Those not linked to Family Tree 


View my relationship 

Clicking on the golden ribbon (indicating that the person was added by someone else) will launch a pop-up window that shows how you are connected to the person. This feature makes it easier to understand family relationships when the name or photo might not be familiar to you.

View My Relationship



We hope you enjoy these new Photos features and that you will share them with your family members. Remember, the more they add to Photos and Stories, the more you will see on your own People page. It is a perfect way to see favorite family photos that you remember but haven’t seen in a while. Take my aunt for example. She called me the other day, trying to find a photo of her grandpa in a truck that she remembers looking at with her family, but she can’t find her copy. I am now on the lookout in my collection for this photo, and when I find it, all I will have to do is upload it to FamilySearch Photos and Stories, tag my great-grandpa and link him to Family Tree, and she will have her own copy.

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  1. This really IS a great addition, but would it be possible to mandate that anyone adding a photo be required to provide an email address or other information that would enable someone to contact him or her — especially if the photo being added is of an individual who is not a direct line ancestor. Seeing a picture of her father when he was intoxicated was not a good experience for one good sister in our class last week.

    1. I recently discovered that the usernames are now hyperlinked to email addresses, so after choosing the “details” option, you can click on the username and it will now allow you to email the person who posted the photo.

  2. Please, please send me all this kind of information. I watch all emails you send out but sometimes I find them hard to print. Please help me. I have been working Indexing for 20 years and putting in as much time as I can on my own work.

    I set my goals for 3,000 to 5,000 for indexing per month. Sometimes I fall short when I am in the hospital, or having to be bed ridden. Unfortunately, I do not have a lap top. I am not trying to use excuses but please let me see all information you do have.


    Nelda L. Clark

  3. Thanks for this “find photos….” place, with the relationship screen. I love it!!! I just went there and someone has added 2 pics to ones I have put on. Fun, looking forward to more, and, I can put pics on of others that I may have, but that may not actually be in my family.

  4. Wow!
    I helped with Family Search when the software was being tested, before it went ‘public’ so to speak. I moved, packing away my family records, got busy and have not gotten back into my genealogy for quite some time. I’m trilled to see you moved on without me! Now, I am motivated to do some catching up.

  5. So very glad to see this new added feature of family search. I have been downloading my pics to ancestry,com for years now and I’m SO excited to download them to this site… the more the merrier is how I feel about this!! =)

    1. Michelle,

      Thank you for the heads-up on this. I have gone in and updated the link so that it work now. I’m sure our readers will appreciate your kind efforts to get this fixed. Thank you.

  6. I spent four hours reading personal biographies when I clicked on different photos on ‘my’ page. THANKS for this exciting new feature!

  7. Looking for pictures of grandparents father and mothers side. .
    Garstka Jozef andStanisllava Lewendowski

    Paul Krasowsski and Victoria Lewandowski