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Family History Simple Start: Find Temple NamesIt’s easy to see if you have ancestor names that are ready to take to the temple. One of the best ways is to log in and try the tools on the find names page on If you don’t have an account, you can get one here.

After you sign in, will analyze your family tree and return one of the following results:

Family History Simple Start: Find names for the temple

If the verdict is “None,” first head over to Start Your Family Tree to grow your tree a little. If the verdict is “Some” or “Many,” then click the Start button, and let your adventure begin!

Family History Simple Start: Find names for the temple


Family History Simple Start: Find names for the templeThe “Some” Path
If you land in the “some” category, there are two main ways to find names for the temple.

  1. Add new names that need temple work, or add new information to existing names to make them temple-ready. After you click Start, a pop-up box will ask you, “Do you have information in your My Family: Stories That Bring Us Together booklet that you would like to use to start building your family tree?” You can follow the prompts and use the online booklet or skip it and type family information directly into the tree. If you enter enough information to make a name ready for the temple, a green temple icon will appear by the name.
  2. Family History Simple Start: Find names for the templeLook for green temple icons next to people already in your tree. These green temple icons indicate that a name is ready to be submitted to the temple. Clicking the green icon will bring up a Request Ordinances box that can walk you through the name-submission process.

The “Many” Path
If you already have a big, leafy tree, try these options to find names for the temple:

  1. Look for green temple icons among ancestors on your family tree just as you would on the “Some” path.
  2. If you aren’t finding any green temple icons, try a different view of your family. Place an ancestor born in the mid 1800s in the main spot of the family tree Family History Simple Start: Explore Your Tree(you can change which person is in the main spot, or root of the tree, by clicking on his or her name and then selecting Tree), and then click the descendency view icon from the bar at the top of the screen. Instead of seeing only your great-grandparents, you’ll be looking at your cousins as well. Search for names with green temple icons next to them. Learn more about descendency research.

Just as in the “Some” path, once you find green temple icons, click them, and follow the prompts.

As you find names, don’t forget to:

  1. Check for duplicates (people in the system more than once). FamilySearch prompts you to check for duplicates when you enter new names in the tree or if it locates possible duplicates during the submission process.
  2. Follow Church policies. Submit only the names of people you are related to, and get permission from the closest living relative to do ordinance work for ancestors born in the past 110 years.

Want to more know? Try these resources:

For additional resources on this and many other topics, please visit the online Help Center.


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