New Features in the Family Members Section Make Correcting Relationships Easier

October 20, 2015  - by 

Have you clicked an edit icon lately in the Family Members section? You’ll find the icons on the Person page in Family Tree. You may have thought, “Wow. That’s different.” Well, you’re right.

There’s a new feature attached to the edit icons that makes it easier to see and correct family relationships and add sources. For example, if the wrong mother is listed for a large family, you can now change the wife and mother in a single operation!





What’s New?

In a nutshell, when you click an edit icon, you’ll now see a fly-out (it’s similar to a pop-up). The fly-out gives you more information and makes it easier for you to modify relationships and add sources—without going to another page! You’ll still see the other family members, which will make it easier to see how your changes impact the family.

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What You Can Do

When you click an edit icon, here are some of the changes you can make using the fly-out:

  • Add or modify marriage information for the parents.
  • Change the parents for a child. (Hint: To change a parent for all the children listed, use the edit relationship icon for the husband and wife.)
  • Change an incorrect spouse.
  • Add or change the relationship type (such as biological, step, or adopted).
  • Add sources that show that the relationship is correct.

When you click a Wrong Person or Wrong Parents link, you’ll have the option to remove or replace the incorrect person.

Clif 3











If you use touch devices (like iPads), you’ll always see the link to open the relationship fly-outs. And all members of the family will be displayed with their default portrait!

The new editing fly-out is being released to a few patrons at a time. If your family or friends haven’t seen it yet, tell them they’ll see it soon.

So try it out. We think you’ll enjoy the new possibilities!


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  1. Cannot remove incorrect parents. In researching Martha E Coker Campbell I found her mother was Nancy Babb, daughter of Abner Babb and Martha Kellett. I incorrectly listed her aunt as her mother.I cannot change her mother. Help!