Fathers Around Us

June 17, 2015  - by 

As we celebrate Father’s Day, we think about our own fathers and the examples that they set. My father was a kind, funny man who made sure we were happy and cared for. My father is gone now, but others show us examples of great fathers—our friends, relatives, children. For instance, I have a friend who has his own large family, who has had his share of heartache with his own children, but he is kind by giving them “tough love” and caring for them when they need it. His mantra is “to be fair, firm, and friendly.”

His lively sense of humor belies his deeply spiritual side. He loves to tease, but he is never hurtful. If he thinks he has been, he will apologize. Those around him know that he would never intentionally hurt anyone. He makes people feel important by listening respectfully to everything they say, even some idiotic rants about what they have done or said. He will say, “You have gone sideways again.” Then he helps get the “sideways” behavior back on track, but he never makes whoever he is helping feel like they have just done something really stupid (which they probably have).

Service is important to him—he helps everyone, the homeless, those around him at work, at home, and in his neighborhood. But he also likes to play; he especially likes camping and fishing. He told his mother, when he was a young man, that he wanted to be the best he can be, and he continues to work toward that goal through studying, helping, loving, sharing, and doing all he can to make a better place for those around him.

This is the kind of father that all children would like to have—the kind of example and friend that we all need—and the kind of person that we are blessed to know.

This Father’s Day post was submitted by Melva Jonson.

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