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November 13, 2020  - by 
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What do Tom Hanks, Abraham Lincoln, and Elvis Presley have in common? Besides being famous, they are also all related—and you may be related to them too! With the FamilySearch Famous Relatives discovery experience, it is easier than ever to see how you’re connected to famous people in history.

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How Does Famous Relatives Work?

The Famous Relatives activity searches the FamilySearch Family Tree for your possible connections to famous people in history. For the experience to work, you need a FamilySearch account (if you don’t already have one, you can create a free one) with at least four generations completed. For best results, fill out your family tree as much as possible, aiming for eight generations or more.

The articles below can help get you started!

While you are researching your family tree to discover your famous relatives, you can enjoy other fun discovery activities!

Find Your

two boys who look alike hug

Compare-a-Face lets you upload photos and see how similar you and your family members look. You can finally settle who looks more like Mom or Dad!

Discover Your
Name Meaning

screenshot of surname search

Discover the meaning and origin of your surname. You can also view what countries your surname is most likely to be found in.

Family Tree Art

family tree art screenshot

Create printable Family Tree art to decorate your home! The activity pulls information from your FamilySearch Family Tree.

Map Where
You Came From

map of ancestral homeland

Where Am I From lets you map where your ancestors lived, see where they were during major world events, and learn more about your heritage.

Record Your
Family Story

record your story screenshot

Record Your Story will prompt you with questions about your family and personal history. You can also use our 52-questions template to begin writing.

View Ancestral Infographic

ancestral infographic screenshot

This activity pulls from your FamilySearch Family Tree information and will create a personalized infographic about your family history.

Try On
Traditional Clothing

traditional clothing photos

Picture My Heritage lets you virtually wear the traditional clothing of your heritage. You can also see yourself in old, black and white photos.

Learn Fun Facts
About Your Birthday

list of fun birthday facts

All about Me will tell you fun facts about the year you were born, such as how expensive gas was, the top music of the year, and other cool facts.

Learn about
Your Heritage

man in kilt in scotland playing bag pipes

Learn about the culture, heritage, and history of where you came from using FamilySearch’s country pages.

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  1. I love the keepsake family trees! I only wish I could change the person, so it’s just not mine. If I could do that I could make some great gifts for extended family.

    1. Hi Charlotte! Thank you for your feedback. The experience is made for each person to do their own keepsake trees. Perhaps you can teach your extended family how to use this tool. Thank you for reading the blog!

    1. Hi Roger! Thank you for your question. Please follow the instructions in the blog. Once you click on the link in the blog, it should show you the people you are related to. To see your direct relationship to each person, click on the image of the person. Have fun!

  2. I found a Famous relatives wife 2 famous paintings was found The Death of Crescentia Pirckheimer
    The Death of Crescentia Pirckheimer by Albrecht Dürer, 1534 And Creszentia Pirkheimer
    Nuremberg, Germany
    Coal on paper portrait done by Albrecht Durer 1471-1528 Nuremberg, Germany I added them both to her profile but I do home family search can research these paintings s etches for thier history add comments maybe history behind her and findings this so so neat her husband was famious. She listed in the Wikipedia biography of her husband. I listed this on his profile in notes. I hope this helps with her profile.