FamilySearch Works to Put the World’s Historical Records Online in One Generation

February 4, 2014  - by 

FamilySearch International (online at is leading the way in digitizing and providing access to billions of historical genealogical records by collaborating with commercial family history companies and the online community. This collaboration will carve centuries off the time needed to increase access to the world’s historical records, enabling millions more people to quickly discover, share, and preserve family memories for generations. Read more about what new and exciting things are taking place as FamilySearch International works with it’s partners to put the world’s historical records online in one generation. See the related infographic.

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    1. Brazil is an area we are planning to focus more resources. There are many members there who can be a great help in indexing records and making them easily available to all Brazilians who wish to find their ancestors.

  1. How are all these records going to be offered for free on the website, yet their partners will charge for the same shared information? Something does not compute in this regard.

  2. I am interested in entering my family history in a website that will not charge me a fee and that allows my family to see for free (without having to subscribe for a fee). Is this website just for viewing or could I enter my family ancestry also?

    1. Yes, you can add family information, photographs and family stories. There is no cost to add information and to view it. However, information of living individuals is not displayed to the public.

  3. Family Search and Geni are a joke. They have people there that are paper chasers. These people do not recognize DNA matches and work paid for by professional genealogist. I had a direct Match on FTDNA My Heritage Ancestry and gedcom. And had a professional genealogist research my 2nd great grandmother Elizabeth Curtin, I put all the information in, and it was all deleted by a woman named Jill Chesler. Anyone can and will delete all the work you do. Beware

    1. Elaine, I’m sorry you feel this way! FamilySearch uses a global tree model so that everyone can participate. I’m sorry this has frustrated you!

  4. Getting the names is one thing. Being able to use them (Temple ordinances) is another. Have a lady whose daughter died 5 years ago. She wanted to submit her name for Temple ordinances. Even though she has the death certificate she was denied because someone else had her daughter listed on their tree as living. Family search don’t seem to care.

    1. Hello Steven, I’ve found this information on the FamilySearch Help Center.

      “If your deceased family member was born less than 110 years ago:

      The person must have been deceased for at least one year.
      You must either be one of the closest living relatives,* or you must obtain permission from one of the closest living relatives. Verbal approval is acceptable. Family members should work together to determine when the ordinances will be done and who will do them.”

      Your friend should be able to do temple ordinances for her daughter. One way she can remedy this is to contact those who have her daughter listed as living and ask them to change it. Or to merge duplicates by IDs, which you can find more information about by clicking here.