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November 16, 2017  - by 

Beginning December 13, 2017, patrons visiting will see a prompt to register for a free FamilySearch account or to sign in to their existing account to continue enjoying all the free expanded benefits FamilySearch has to offer.  Since its launch in 1999, FamilySearch has added millions of users, billions of various historical records, and many fun, new features like Family Tree, Memories, mobile apps, digital books, and dynamic help. In order to accommodate continued growth of these and future free services, FamilySearch must assure all its partners that its content is offered in a safe and secure online environment.  Patrons creating a free account and signing in fulfills that need.  

Patron sign in will also enable FamilySearch to satisfy the ongoing need for user authentication. This authentication can deliver rich, personalized discovery, collaboration, and help experiences. Simply put, signed-in visitors can access more searchable content and enjoy more personalized services.

“A large percentage of our current site visitors are not benefiting from much of what FamilySearch has to offer because they don’t realize the need to simply sign in with their free account to do so,” said Steve Rockwood, FamilySearch CEO. “They are basically arriving in the parking lot but not coming inside for the main event,” he said about website visitors who do not sign in.

FamilySearch is committed to patron privacy and does not share personal account information with any third party without a patron’s consent.

See Registering to Use for information about creating a free account.


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    1. Hi Jack! Thank you for your question. FamilySearch is a free program. I’m not sure what you paid $59 for.

  1. I am looking for information on my Grandparents family on the Hutchinson side.

  2. i have an issue with the ancestors when it comes too James IV he married Margarite Tudor 8 august 1503 in other researches ( correct me if I`m wrong).

  3. Hur sätter jag in en profilbild i släktträdet

    Google Translate – Swedish to English: How do I insert a profile picture into the family tree

    1. Hi Inez! Thank you for your question. Please check out these Help Center articles for more information and instructions:
      How do I upload memories to FamilySearch?
      How do I add or change a portrait photo in Family Tree?

      Google Translate – English to Swedish: Hej Inez! Tack för din fråga. Läs de här hjälpcentrets artiklar för mer information och instruktioner:
      Hur laddar jag upp minnen till FamilySearch?
      Hur lägger jag till eller ändrar ett porträttfoto i Family Tree?

  4. I, too, am looking for verifiable information on my great grandma, Sarah Jane Hayden, born 1846 in Frankfurt, Franklin, Kentucky.
    Sarah married William Gray Ramsay – one of their twelve children was my grandpa, Hugh Ramsay.
    Hugh married Flora Belle Jessup – one of their two children was my dad, Russell Bernard Ramsay.

    1. Hi Teiwaki! Please contact FamilySearch Support for assistance. Select Visit the FamilySearch Community or search for your geographical area and select “Live Chat Support” or “Live Phone Support”.