FamilySearch Memories: How to Add Important Details to Family Photos

April 27, 2018  - by 

Who doesn’t love looking at family photos? There’s nothing quite like ’em for connecting with generations past and present.

FamilySearch Memories offers a free and simple way to preserve and share these important photos with family now and for future generations.

But, in the rush to upload photos, it is easy to forget to add important details that will help future generations understand what, or who, they are looking at. Imagine the frustration of those future family members as they look at the classic photo of you taking a pie to the face and not knowing the “smart remark” that prompted it!

Let’s take a quick look at ways you can add those types of important details to your photos before they are lost in the sands of time.

Add Details to FamilySearch Memories

How to add details on FamilySearch Memories.

  1. Title. This can be descriptive, or go for a laugh. A title adds a human touch and gives all who view it a common way to refer to that classic family photo.
  2. People Tags. These allow you to designate who is in the photo and link them to their person page in Family Tree so other relatives can enjoy the photo as well.
  3. Event Date or Place.  When known, these bits of information can be extremely important. Knowing when and where a photo was taken helps those viewing it, at least metaphorically, be in their ancestor’s shoes.
  4. Description. Allows a few more words than the title, so you can explain where this photo came from, who has it currently, and why it’s important to be preserved.
  5. Stories. One of the best ways to immortalize a photo is to add a funny, or heart-warming, or informative story that adds details you can’t get any other way.
  6. Comments. Add additional information about how you acquired the photo, how you feel about the photo, and respond to the comments your photo may stir up.

If you haven’t uploaded any photos to FamilySearch Memories, you should give it a try. You can use photos on your computer’s hard drive, mobile device, or on services like Facebook, Instagram, or Google Photos. You’ll be skipping down memory lane in no time.

Try FamilySearch Memories on your computer or mobile device: iOS | Android


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  1. Every time I see the name “Wright” I wonder if we are related. I seem to be able to trace back to Oyster Bay New York but I am having problems when I go up my grandfather’s side. I can get to Richard Wright and Susan Baugess but things fall apart from there. Are there any hints for when you hit a riad block such as the son and fathers birth year being 2 years apart?

  2. I loved your suggestions of what I might include with a photo. As a novice it still didn’t tell me how to add it. I don’t even know how to add a picture yet. Can steps on how to add a picture be found under “help” ?

    1. Hello Bonnie! This link from the Help Center on uploading photos or documents should be able to help you. Best of luck!

    2. Yes, as I suggested in my comment two days ago (still ‘awaiting moderation’ for some unknown reason) the article needs Links to the instructions on HOW to add each type of item, as MANY users do not know how to add them.

    1. Hello Joan,

      Please refer to the FamilySearch Help Center for information on how to get into your account. I think that this link in particular may be of use to you. Best of luck!

    1. Peter, I’d love to hear about how you use ALBUMS as an index for the GALLERY. Could you post a short summary here?

      1. Go to the Memory Tab, click on the photo. I believe on the left side is a link that says More. Click and you’ll see Remove or Delete. I just did that today.

  3. Why is my below comment, entered on 28 Apr 2010 at 2:51 AM, still saying “Awaiting moderation”?

    It is always disappointing to find an uploaded photo that lacks a title, person tags and the other details mentioned above. I’m especially disappointed when tags are there but poorly placed on the photo so that the tagged portion cannot be used on a person page.

    The above article needs to include Links to the specific instructions on HOW to add the recommended features. Many users have no idea of how to add the features.


  4. I hate to be pedantic, but please can you spell the word “them”, not “em.” How sloppy can we get on a public website.

  5. One very important bit of info you left out in a photo discription : who took the photo. I have many old family pics and constantly wonder who was behind the camera?

  6. After reading many of the reviews, I think I’ll wait to download the Memories app until some of the bugs are worked out. I would love to use it. Wonderful idea.

  7. Albums?
    Gallery? Index for gallery?
    To those of us who are just learning how to upload a picture, these are unknown terms. How about a page of instructions on all of these terms and how to implement them. One thing I would like to know is how do I lock in one particular picture of an ancestor, parent, or myself so that it won’t be “bumped” by another picture added at a later date?

    1. Rae, this is an excellent suggestion for an article! I’ve sent it to the writers for consideration. As for your question, is there any way you can provide more detail?

  8. This seems a wonderful tool for sharing through your website, but my goal is to provide independent CDs or DVDs with the original on my home computer. How can I do that in a practical way? I’d also like to have the same available on my own webpage without having to link out.

  9. I need information re making albums. I am new to this and simply loaded a few photos but I don’t know how to create and move them to albums. Would like some technical information re size of photos. I use photoshop and can resize before loading in order to save memory space.

  10. I love to have info like names and date of birth & death. Parents too and so on.

  11. I am finding work I did research on for many years, now the names are sitting there with reserved BY SOME ELSE and not done when I DID NOT GIVE PERMISSION FOR IT TO BE OFF MY RESERVED LIST PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH MY RESERVED LIST NOW i CANNOT FINISH THE WORK AND THESE PEOPLE HAVE NOT DONE IT

    1. Susan, I’m sorry this is happening! FamilySearch has a 2-year reservation release policy on names. Following this link may give you more information on what you’re encountering. I hope this helps!