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May 19, 2020  - by 
Mother and child watching FamilySearch Live Community online webinars

Come join us every week for our FamilySearch social media livestreams! These live events are a fun, interactive opportunity for the family history community and others to connect with one another virtually.

FamilySearch Live Event Schedule

Instagram live events are each Tuesday and Thursday at 11:00 a.m. mountain time. Facebook live events are each Wednesday at the 4:00 p.m. (also mountain time).

You can also view FamilySearch Lives in Spanish and Portuguese. Learn more by clicking the articles below.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch past live events but want to, check out our YouTube playlist featuring some of the social lives. You can also watch a couple of the past live events below!

Why a Social Media Series?

“Our stories matter. They are one of the richest parts of family history. Sharing these stories can provide comfort to us and to future generations as they face their own struggles.” —Steve Rockwood

Family history is for everyone, every day. It is just as important for us to take part fully in recording our stories as it is to discover those people who came before us. This evolving series is meant to help you do both of those things.

What Will the Series Include?

Girl on phone on couch

The series will include questions and answers, beginner how-tos, record helps, FamilySearch and Family Tree app tips, family stories, and more! We hope that in creating this series, we will be able to help you find quick ways to stay involved with family history without adding any burden.

We want to point out ways that you are already succeeding and give a few tips along the way that can help you make the most of this unprecedented time. We hope to help you find new ways to record YOUR story, find inspiring stories of others in your family tree, and share inspiring and encouraging messages along the way.

How Can I Participate?

Man on phone on couch

Follow us on Instagram @FamilySearch and on Facebook ( to receive notifications and reminders. Share your thoughts and experience with the series by using the hashtag #FamilySearchLive when you post!

Also, be sure to let us know in the comments how we can help you during this time. We would especially like to hear your responses to these sorts of questions: 

●      We are here to support you. What questions do you have for us?

●      How can we help you while you are home?

●      What would you like to learn during this unprecedented time?

●      What questions do you have about the Family Tree or Memories apps?

How to View an Instagram Live

To view the Instagram Live, follow these steps.

On mobile: 

  1. Open the Instagram app and go to the FamilySearch page. You can find the FamilySearch page by clicking on the magnifying glass icon (bottom-left corner) and typing “FamilySearch” into the search bar that appears.
  2. Once at the FamilySearch page, click on the FamilySearch profile picture in the top-left corner to view current or past Instagram Lives for up to 24 hours after the stream. (If given the option to view the story or live, select live.)
  3. Alternatively, you can view current or past Instagram Lives by tapping on the IGTV icon (a square TV with a squiggle through the center), which you can find below the profile description and above the Instagram feed.
Instagram search screenshot
instagram search bar screenshot
instagram live screenshot
instagram tv screenshot

On Desktop:

(Note: You can only view live Instagram streams on the mobile app, but the recordings will be uploaded and available via desktop. To access them, follow the instructions below.)

  1. Go to and then use the search-bar at the top of the screen to go to the FamilySearch page.
  2. Similar to mobile, either click on the profile picture or select the IGTV icon to watch past Instagram Lives.

How to View a Facebook Live

There are a few different ways to access a Facebook Live event.

The easiest way is to go to From there, you can view all previous FamilySearch Live events, including any that are currently live.

If you’re following the FamilySearch page on Facebook, you can also access live events your Facebook timeline. Live videos often show up as one of the posts on the timeline. Facebook may also send you a notification reminder when FamilySearch goes live. You can view the video by clicking on that notification. 

You can also navigate to the live video by clicking the Watch section on the left hand side of the FamilySearch Facebook page‘s screen, and then selecting Live.

We hope to grow along with you in innovative ways as we discover, gather, and connect wherever we may be. We are grateful for the technology we have that makes such discoveries and connections possible in almost every circumstance. 

Don’t forget to share your experience with the live streams in the comments below!

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  1. Hi I seem to miss the live events, can you tell me when “mountain time” is, in relation to the time zones of the world? I’m in Adelaide South Australia +9.30UTC

    1. I could be wrong but I think Adelaide, Australia, is 9 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Mountain Standard Time (MST, or “mountain time”).

      1. Here’s a handy time zone converter. Just for reference, “Mountain Time” is “Mountain Standard (or Daylight) Time,” and you can use Salt Lake City, Utah, USA as a reference city for that time zone. “Eastern Time” is New York City, Washington D.C., Atlanta (Georgia), etc. During Daylight Savings time, the Eastern Time Zone is -4 hrs from UTC, and Mountain Time is -6 hours from UTC, if that’s an additional help. But here’s the converter:

      2. Adelaide is +9.30 to Greenwich mean time (Greenwich England). I’m assuming the mountain time mentioned is somewhere in America?

      1. Might be an entire day I had since when I worked in the Marshall Islands it was a day ahead our daughter is in Africa and she is about 8 hours ahead of us so obviously we’re the last to hear anything in California and Hawaii the very very last

  2. I would love to attend a session; however, I work. Is there a possibility any of the sessions will be scheduled for the evening? I’m in MN, so I’m on CST. I get home from work around 7pm. Any chance there would be sessions for 7pm mountain time? Thanks!

  3. I would love to attend a session; however, I work. Is there a possibility any of the sessions will be scheduled for the evening? I’m in MN, so I’m on CST. I get home from work around 7pm. Any chance there would be sessions for 7pm mountain time? Thanks!

    1. Hi Judith! Sometimes our lives are scheduled in the evening. However, we also update the article with some of the recorded lives for those who missed it because of work or other reasons. Hope this helps!

  4. My instagram connection to familysearch live vanished all of a sudden one day, and I have not been able to reconnect. Please let me know what I can do to restore the connection.

    1. Weird! Were you watching the live and then it cut off, or are you unable to find the FamilySearch instagram page?

      1. For a few weeks I could just click on the active icon on instagram and connect to the live stream, but not any more, and those available later do not seem to get updated.

        1. The past two weeks there haven’t been any lives (they were canceled), so it could be that you can’t watch it because there wasn’t any live to watch?

          1. No wonder I couldn’t connect! it seems to me though that I would be getting reminders of broadcasts coming up every Tuesday and Thursday. Will the live stream resume in the following weeks? The youtube link works. Thank you!

      2. This is what I get when I click on the facebook link:

        This Content Isn’t Available Right Now
        When this happens, it’s usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it’s been deleted.

  5. Amber Larson said it doesn’t cost anything for family search Wiki. For the records I’ve been looking for it keeps throwing me into the “Anscestory Wed Site.

  6. I too no longer find or connect to insragram familysearch live. I thought it was me. Please help us get back.

    1. Hi Virginia! Meeting with my steak leader today and learning to use the FamilySearch planner to help those in need.
      I have a wonderful lady who just found out through her DNA who her father was and found her seven brothers and sisters and has questions on how to add a second parent so that their Temple work can be done since he is dead I would assume you we could just add two parents right?
      She of course is already sealed to her wonderful adoptive parents. But would like to do Temple work for her biological family that has passed.

  7. I’m an old person (56) & I’ve had a stroke and now just diagnosed with colon cancer. All this technology is just too confusing for me to keep up with.

  8. I’ve been watching all the live genealogy airings from people all across the country since the pandemic started. There’s been one every day from somewhere. . Wendy is by far the best. I know this whole thing started because of the pandemic. I hope it continues long after the world starts turning again. She’s got lots of personality and chooses guests who are the same. Thanks for offering this. Now–don’t take it away!!

  9. I am trying to find out how to begin doing family history in this world of computers and the internet. I have absolutely no idea how to get started. is there some type of course, program or whatever to help someone like
    me that knows absolutely nothing about what to. I tried indexing a couple of times and couldn’t that done correctly.
    I]m wondering if a book like “Family history for dummies” would help. Any pointers or suggestion you might give would be appeciated.

      1. If you are near Augusta, GA you may want to visit Augusta Genealogical Society an affiliate library of FamilySearch.

    1. Talk to the elder people in your family. Ask for their remembrances. Find info about their grandparents and as far back as they can go. Are their marriage certificates, pictures. Who are in the pictures, their names and relationship. Ask about family bibles. Listen to their “tall tales” too. there is usually some grain of truth there.

    2. Go to to create an account which takes less than 2 minutes, and is free. Your name and birth info will populate a pedigree chart, then just add info for parents, etc. You will be amazed at how easy it is.

    1. Hi Kathryn! Thank you for your question. The Family History libraries and centers are currently closed due to Covid precautions.

      1. Not entirely true. Our stake leadership determined that we were to open over a month ago, plans were submitted and approved, and we are now open limited hours by appointment only. To my knowledge at least, there is no blanket determination that family history centers in Georgia are all to remain closed – otherwise our stake leadership was significantly mistaken. (At the moment, ours is closed back down due to a major electrical problem, but that should only be temporary).

        Our FHC page in the FamilySearch Wiki has been appropriately updated with the new limited hours and procedures for securing an appointment.

  10. How can I get a copy of my marriage license from Honolulu Hawaii