FamilySearch International Appoints Steve Rockwood as President and CEO to Replace Dennis Brimhall Who Retired

July 1, 2015  - by 
Stephen T. Rockwood

The FamilySearch International board of directors has elected Stephen T. Rockwood as the company’s president and chief executive officer, succeeding Dennis Brimhall, who retired. Rockwood, who most recently served as director of the international division at FamilySearch, became president and CEO on October 1.

“Steve is an extremely capable, experienced, and respected leader with an immense passion for our mission and our people,” said Elder Allan F. Packer, Chairman of the Board. “As president and CEO, Steve will bring a rich combination of management skills, customer focus, business acumen, and a can-do spirit that will build on the vision and work of Dennis Brimhall.”

After leading FamilySearch through many innovative changes including focusing the organization on developing a compelling customer experience that greatly simplified finding genealogical connections, and encouraged young people to begin a life-long love of family history, Dennis Brimhall has retired.

“I join the board in my deep appreciation for Dennis’ leadership, customer focus, and vision for what FamilySearch is and can become,” said Rockwood, “We look forward to building on the vital groundwork he has laid with continued innovation.”

Prior to joining FamilySearch, Rockwood specialized in creating unique service offerings for worldwide customers of such brands as MasterCard International, AT&T, Disney, Office Depot, and Citibank among others. He was also a successful entrepreneur building two companies from the ground up that were later acquired by larger companies.

“With his international experience, deep appreciation of our accomplishments, and the energy and skill to drive additional transformation, Steve is well suited to lead our very talented FamilySearch organization and will facilitate further expansion to audiences worldwide,” commented Brimhall.

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  1. From our user perspective, Dennis Brimhall was excellent. We look forward to the work of Steve Rockwood.

  2. I’m looking forward to finding out what Dennis Brimhall will be doing next in October. Even though nothing was mentioned, I’m guessing he will be chosen for something great.

  3. Dennis presents fantastic firesides and other types of presentations. I hope that he will still make himself available for those sometimes. We loved listening to him and soaking up the knowledge he has to present.

  4. Dear Sirs,

    Is FamilySearch a non-profit making organization supported by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints?

    Thank you for your kind attention and I hope to hear from you soon.

    Best regards,

  5. Great to see that the organization has chosen a seasoned professional to lead the organization. I would assume your customer base has grown with all of the turmoil at Many of us are looking for where to take our trees and hope that the software at Family Search continues to be improved.

  6. I hope that he can do the job. I haven’t noticed much progress in the international area, much to my disappointment. On the overall, I see too many changes to familysearch that are changes for the sake of changes instead of changes to improve the experience of searching, finding and accomplishing what needs to be done. I see partnerships that tend to seem to give away everything from our side while getting very little in return. Far to many of the programmers and administrators seem to have little or no experience in the actual hands on research and organizing the data. But the most painful of all we continue to try to encourage more and more to participate in family history work while diverting assetts to administrative growth and programming, while the system locks up every sunday and monday night because we do not have enough bandwidth or computing power to meet the needs of even the small group that are currently using the system

  7. I first met Steve when he was four. His father was the most capable, likable and dedicated man we knew. He was our Bishop and Stake President for many years.
    Steve is as personable, intelligent, honest and interesting as his father. He had to be a good big brother to four little brothers, and he was an honest and responsible son to his wonderful parents.
    You are lucky to get Steve Rockwood!

  8. Dear Mr. Rockwood,
    Congradulations on becoming President. I hope that I can benefit the wisdom of the FamilySearch website all my days. I do have a question; if sign up for through FamilySearch, will I have to pay a fee and do I need to sign up with them?
    Please e-mail back for I do have an extremely busy house hold to keep up.
    Emily Lea Jensen/Draper

  9. yes congratulations! need to access records in united kingdom to add to my family tree. can only find what i have already entered, only member in family as yet. typed in four generations over thirty years ago and used microfilm and some expert assistance. once i can access the partners websites this should improve. thanks.

    1. FamilySearch today Mark Mitchell 2 months ago they added ability to send message to sources of change for those shadow contributors that do not disclose their identity. Great. Just how is that going to work with collaboration? Disclosed Family Tree made a unilateral decision to sacrifice member data, complicate Temple Ready and shift their monitoring changes to throwing the members to the sharks of contest and contention with the unwashed and uninterested public for Temple work to resolve links being changed by the unwashed. Some support.