FamilySearch International Appoints Steve Rockwood as President and CEO to Replace Dennis Brimhall Who Retired

July 1, 2015  - by 
Stephen T. Rockwood

The FamilySearch International board of directors has elected Stephen T. Rockwood as the company’s president and chief executive officer, succeeding Dennis Brimhall, who retired. Rockwood, who most recently served as director of the international division at FamilySearch, became president and CEO on October 1.

“Steve is an extremely capable, experienced, and respected leader with an immense passion for our mission and our people,” said Elder Allan F. Packer, Chairman of the Board. “As president and CEO, Steve will bring a rich combination of management skills, customer focus, business acumen, and a can-do spirit that will build on the vision and work of Dennis Brimhall.”

After leading FamilySearch through many innovative changes including focusing the organization on developing a compelling customer experience that greatly simplified finding genealogical connections, and encouraged young people to begin a life-long love of family history, Dennis Brimhall has retired.

“I join the board in my deep appreciation for Dennis’ leadership, customer focus, and vision for what FamilySearch is and can become,” said Rockwood, “We look forward to building on the vital groundwork he has laid with continued innovation.”

Prior to joining FamilySearch, Rockwood specialized in creating unique service offerings for worldwide customers of such brands as MasterCard International, AT&T, Disney, Office Depot, and Citibank among others. He was also a successful entrepreneur building two companies from the ground up that were later acquired by larger companies.

“With his international experience, deep appreciation of our accomplishments, and the energy and skill to drive additional transformation, Steve is well suited to lead our very talented FamilySearch organization and will facilitate further expansion to audiences worldwide,” commented Brimhall.

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  1. I have known Steve since 2005, since we were missionaries in Salt Lake City, Something that always impressed me about Steve was his emphasis on the users experience. It is great to have all the technology, but if the user isn’t getting the benefit from being able to use that technology, we have defeated our goal.

  2. Mister Zoil is a name our son was known by his closest freinds. I do not understand if that was an answer or a requirement impossible to know without clarifying ‘what website’ which could be etc.
    My question is unanswered. Does The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints have no say in the day to day operation of FamilySearch and our heritage any longer? What is this?

    1. No. You might try some of the online directories such as zabba search, or even the white pages to see if you could find them. I’ve found distant relatives this way.
      Good luck.

  3. No gold ring. Nov 2012 to 2 months ago there was no way to contact anyone that didn’t leave their email publicly open. Still they allow to send a message, but precious little weight to perform effective collaboration. FamilySearch abandoned its member contributors, stabbed them in the back and open the forum to whoever and want to claim that as a win? Not so fast.

    1. I like the move to SOURCE sponsored records. … No one OWNS their relative’s records, sometime they will LOCK changes, but we have gained so much by having the goal of ONE record for each individual. There is still PEDIGREE RESOURCE FILE

      A growing collection of genealogies submitted by users including hundreds of millions of ancestors. Entries include names, family relationships, and dates and places of events. No corrections or merges are made. (IT is under SEARCH GENEALOGIES.)

      1. ” have gained so much by having the goal of ONE record for each individual. ”

        At what price and just how is that a proven?

  4. I was pleased to use your web site &
    gained a lot of info.havent done any
    family history for a while as my brain isnt
    as good but I have lost my password
    also did not find your new web site as good
    thank you

  5. Maybe he’ll come up with a way to stop people from changing accurate and complete data for approximated, inaccurate data.

    1. Sounds sound to me. Maybe he will come up with something to defray frustration with links disconnected and collaborators ignoring one another. Will be nice. One solution is simply to require everyone to display their email, and be responsible.

  6. Please, I am have great difficulty helping a patron find relatives in Ireland and Mississippi county in Missouri. Any direction or help as we have looked in wiki, Ancestry,family search, google, and various sites. What is best advise. Also, do we have a date to when the indexed records in Italy will be available. Thank you

  7. É bom contar com ferramentas para fazer o trabalho de história da família. Parabéns! Que o Senhor vos abençoe neste chamado!

    1. I am also interested in contacting Stephen Rockwood. I am related to him. (I realize I am posting to an old thread.)

  8. I just wondered if you were related to Jay Rockwood who I used to go to church with in California. I heard he has moved.

  9. Slave headstones are being found and cleaned by volunteers in Virginia. For some, this could be the only written record of their lives. PBS recently had a show called “Reel South” about these projects. I wonder if Family Search wouldn’t be interested in publishing a record of these graves. Could someone forward this information to whomever might be interested? I just saw in on TV, and thought I’d share it. By the way, I hope all future Roots Tech conventions won’t have to be virtual! Loved actually being there in 2020.