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Throughout our lives, we accumulate a lot of items—old journals, faded photos, treasured heirlooms, day-to-day documents. And in the wake of losing a loved one, it can be overwhelming to sift through all this information and try to preserve and share it.

As a way to help preserve these memories and artifacts, Permanent Legacy Foundation—an endowment-backed nonprofit cultural heritage organization—provides a service that allows people to upload document, photo, audio, and video files in a secure, permanent place for current and future generations to enjoy and cherish. Living family can also upload and share these important files with each other.

FamilySearch Integration

A family looks at a photo album together is integrating with FamilySearch Memories. FamilySearch users will be able to connect their FamilySearch account to create a private permanent archive for any members of their family in their family tree. The first gigabyte of storage is free; additional gigabytes have a one-time fee of $10 per gigabyte. You can learn more about the pricing here.

If you are a public helper, gives you an additional resource with expanded capabilities for your patrons to consider.

Learn more about this partnership and how it can help you build and preserve your family’s digital legacy.

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  1. I am wondering what happens to this archive after the person who uploaded the digital media dies. How is the data handled? Should there be another person designated as “Owner” of the data as well? I am 56 years old. It has me curious.

  2. The idea of having a private place for family memories is great, since some things might be special for families but not intended to be shared with the general public. This is a great idea in that regard. The question comes to mind, however, as to whether there are any discussions or plans to make future limits for FamilySearch memories, and if that will not end up being a “permanent” solution to families wanting to at least create a reasonable size group of memories for each ancestor that will still be available in generations to come. Is that still the plan for FamilySearch (I deeply hope!)? And if so, are there any current or proposed limits to how much memory storage one individual user can upload, or any one ancestor on the tree can have on their individual “Memories” page? I’m really hoping this doesn’t subtly signal a movement away from the future availabilities of the “Memories” pages in FamilySearch as they’re currently constructed.