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July 19, 2019  - by 
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The FamilySearch Family Tree allows you to discover more about your family, keep track of your family tree, and share what you know with other family members—all for free!

Since the Family Tree’s worldwide launch in 2013, millions of people have used the Family Tree, discovering and recording information for over a billion ancestors.

With the links below, you can learn how to use the FamilySearch Family Tree, how a shared family tree works, and how to add to the tree on FamilySearch. You can also find easy ways to search for records, tips and tricks for finding family information, and more.

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  1. I had hoped to see something written about not entering the person’s identification number within the name data field. A data contributor keeps doing that on several of my family lines and all it does is create a new individual, with a new PID# & needing temple ordinances

  2. I have a 2Xgreatgrandmother who is listed in two different families and should only be in one.How do I delete the wrong one?

  3. On your tree, there is wrong parents attached to a descendant of mine. It will not let me delete the incorrect parents or edit any part of that. It has created difficult and confusion. The person is Henry of Scotland married to ada de Warenne . His parents are David I king of Scotland and Matilda. If you could fix this or tell me how to fix this, that’d be great. As of now it’s showing his wife and him are brother sister which isn’t the case by a simple google search.

  4. Este es el tiempo de trabajar en templo y historia familiar,son tiempo de trabajar para en obra del señor de nuestro padre celestial y ayudar a otros miembros.

    Google Translate – Spanish to English: This is the time to work in temple and family history, it is a time to work for the work of the Lord of our heavenly father and help other members.

  5. I am hoping to find information on my Families. The Davis, Thomas, Green/Greene, Lowe, Weaver families.


    Google Translate – Spanish to English: I WANT INFORMATION ON GENEALOGY

  7. Unable to access my family tree…i have already joined 2 months ago…switched number to new number..please help.