FamilySearch and Working Together to Make More Records Available Online

September 6, 2013  - by 

FamilySearch and recently announced a joint agreement to begin a 5-year effort to digitize and index more than 1 billion records from around the world. FamilySearch is excited to be a partner in this significant project that will provide greater accessibility to these valuable records. Building strategic partnerships is and will continue to be an important part of our vision, and we look forward to additional exciting announcements in the future.

This partnership will result in making significant global historical records available to people everywhere. Dennis Brimhall, President of FamilySearch, added yesterday, “Expanding online access to historical records through this type of collaboration can help millions more people discover and share their family’s history.”

FamilySearch will continue to make our records available to the public for free. It remains our commitment to make as many genealogical records and resources available at no cost.

We look forward to more exciting developments as we continue to work with leading organizations in the genealogy community. The future of family history is truly exciting.

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  1. I refuse to pay Ancestry for info on my own family but love the fact that familysearch is free and so comprehensive. Please familysearch keep up the good work and don’t knuckle down to Ancestry’s tactics of making money off people’s family histories.

    1. I agree with not paying, even though I realize that companies need to make money. Curious now as to how things will work out now that Ancestry has purchased Find-a-Grave. Makes me ill thinking of it as have contributed a lot of information to that site.

    2. You are paying for a service. If you don’t want to pay, you can use it for free at any LDS Family History Center. Ancestry has some features, like viewing a picture of the ancestor as part of the pedigree chart, that I hope Family Tree adopts. I use their service enough that it makes the membership fee worthwhile. I spend much more money on totally worthless activities. By foregoing a couple of Big Macs a month, my waistline and ancestral line thank me. (No pun intended). I respect that others see it differently.

  2. I’m happy with Family Search, although I must admit that getting used to the new method of searching did take some time to master. In general people don’t like change – we like the familiar things we are used to – but change for the better is acceptable, it’s change for changes sake which infuriates me.

  3. What ever, Just been trying to access Familysearch for the past months and it doesn’t work!
    Does this mean that I have to pay now,..or are you experiencing problems at your end?
    Just some clarification please.
    Much obliged

    1. I have only experienced the occasional problem that usually gets resolved within a few hours (maybe high usage causes some problems?) I know the new site makes use of higher/newer internet technologies. Sometimes when help people on their own computers, it doesn’t work the same due to administrative settings, age of software/hardware, network settings on a home network, or even poor computer maintenance. Have you tried using a different computer or connection? Maybe at a library? The majority of computers can handle the site, but sometimes other factors get in the way. You can also contact support ( and they might have someone to help you troubleshoot your problems. Hope that helps.

    2. You might want to try a different browser. Each works better than others, depending on what you are doing. By the way, I was having trouble getting in for a while yesterday.

  4. I have been a member of for about 3 years now. If it becomes available for use with Family Search, does that mean that there will not be a charge to use Ancestry?

    1. I wouldn’t expect the to fold up and go away. There are many reasons to maintain an Ancestry account.
      1. The 1860 census done by the Church was done by individuals rather than families. The reason for that is not clear. Ancestry has it by families so I can see parents and siblings.
      2. Find A Grave is great to have as a source.
      3. I love the tree leaf hints.
      4. Once you find a true source, they provide suggestions for other possible sources. Love it.
      5. Some FS sources only provide the indexed version with a link to a paid site for the image. Same with Ancestry but not as much.

      No, I am going to keep both accounts open. They complement each other nicely.

  5. I accessed an image of a 1940 census page, and it is impossible to print it off using the Print button on the same page with the image. I have trying all day. I tried the live chat, but got nowhere. The person on the other end was essentially blaming me, as if I didn’t know what I was doing. I just printed off a census page yesterday with no problem.

  6. Someone recently told me that an agreement had been reached with that will allow access to through FamilySearch. Any truth to this? Or is it a rumor? I’m a Family History Consultant in my ward and I don’t want to give out false information.

  7. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox
    and now each timee a comment is added I get several e-mails with the same comment.
    Is there any way yoou can remove people from that service?

    Thank you!

    1. You can undo this by going back to your original comment where you checked the box to receive notification of further comments and uncheck the box. That should take care of the matter for you.

  8. Looking for any information on: william Chamberlain. married to Verna White Rodgers. one known child: berverly zoe rodgers (married to joseph burden. ) verna white rodgers died. ruth and leslie anderson raised Bev. she left no information with her children about her parents.

    1. Lynda, I found a William Edward Chamberlaine married to a Verna in the 1920, 1930 and 1940 census. He was born in 1886 in California. In the 1900 census he was in an Orphanage in Eden CA with an apparent sister, Florence T. His CA death record indicates his mother’s maiden name was McGarrity. He died in 1953. Could this be your ancestor?

    2. Lynda, nix my last message. I was on the wrong track. I found the marriage record of Joseph Burden and Beverly Zoe Chamberlain (not Rodgers). Her father is listed as William Addison Chamberlain and born in Utah. The mother is listed as Verna Zoe Rodgers, born in Nebraska. William’s military records indicate he was born about 1897 in Ogden. I found him in 1910 census in Ogden UT, son of Addison J. and Hilma Chamberlain. Addison was born in Canada in 1841.(parents were from England). Immigrated to US in 1860. Hilma was born in Sweden in 1858. Hope this helps.

    3. Lynda, Bev’s grandmother was Hilma Louisa Lund, born 15 Dec 1853 in Sweden and died 22 Jan 1921 in Ogden, according to her headstone in Ogden City Cemetery. According to Find A Grave, her father was John Lund and mother was Ulrica Abrahamson (sometimes will possibly be listed as Abrahamsdatter), which means Ulrica’s father’s first name was probably Abraham. You can find a picture of her grave under Hilma L. Chamberlain at Hope this helps.

    4. More information: Verna Zoe Rodgers Chamberlain was also married to James K Floris on 20 Jan 1929 in Salt Lake City. According to marriage record, she was born 29 Jun 1904 in Nebraska, the daughter of J H Rodgers and Elizabeth Stewart.

    1. is not available from FamilySearch yet. This feature will be available some time this year but we don’t know for sure yet. When it does become available we will put out an announcement letting everyone know.

  9. Ugh. I hate how all the geneaology websites that used to be free are now being gobbled up by including now and Find A Grave. How much longer these free sites will actually be free to users remains to be seen, but when they entangle themselves with the profit hungry, probably not much longer.

  10. this is just great for everyone involved with family research.wish you all
    the best of success thank you all for a wonderful service indeed.

  11. My family tree on Familysearch. org is back about 8 generations. I have recently joined and when checking on my family tree it only contained my father and paternal grandparents. Is there a method of completing the tree on without my manually adding each name and all the data with each name?