Recent Changes to Family Tree—June 2013

June 20, 2013  - by 

FamilySearch continues to make the website easier to use. Following are a few of the most recent changes.

Easier Access to the Wiki

Many of our patrons have asked to make it easier to find the link to the FamilySearch Wiki page. Now you can get to the wiki right from the FamilySearch search page.


Delete a Person

You can now delete a person from Family Tree. You can also restore a deleted person. As part of this change, the box containing the change history was moved above the box containing the tools. We recommend this feature be used only for deleting people who never existed and for deleting newly added people who were typed in by mistake. Use the merge feature for all other issues.

To delete a person:

  1. Display the person’s details page.
  2. Click the Delete Person option in the Tools box.
  3. Verify that you really want to delete the person.
  4. Provide a reason for deleting the person.
  5. Click Delete.


People whose records are from Church membership records cannot be deleted. There are also other types of restrictions that will sometimes prevent the system from deleting a person. If you encounter one of these situations, you’ll get a message stating that there are restrictions on deleting this person.

Restoring a Deleted Person

Once a person has been deleted, that person can also be restored. If you don’t know the ID number of the deleted person, you will need to:

  1. Display the change history of a person who was previously connected to this person.
  2. In the change history, find the entry that documents when the relationship was removed.
  3. Click the Reference link of that entry.
  4. Click Restore Relationship.

Print Family Group Record and Four-Generation Pedigree Charts

You can print a family group record and a four-generation pedigree chart from a person’s details page. The Print Pedigree option creates a pedigree chart. The Print Family option creates a family group record.


These two reports are created in PDF format and display in a separate browser.

No Changes to a Helper’s Change History While Helping Others

Previously, when you were signed in to help someone, the names of the people whose records you viewed were added to your own History list. This no longer occurs.

Better Labels on Browser Tabs and Back Button

When you are navigating through the Family Tree, the browser tab now displays the name of the person you are working on.


As you moved around, the Back button now lists the names of people whose records you’ve viewed. Hold down the back arrow key until the menu appears.


Restrict by State or Province

You can now restrict a search by a state, province, or county when you search historical records.

To do so, enter United States, Canada, England, or Australia into the country field. A drop-down list appears from which you can select a state, province, or county. Eventually, this feature will include more areas of the world.

The search results will contain only records from that place and records that have a primary event that occurred in that place.






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  1. Family Tree has great potential. I do have trouble keeping track of all the steps to take for some processes. (No problem for my grandchildren though – must be age related!) Question – What are the steps to get into the place where there are printed instructions? Support helped me get there once – but I can’t seem to find it on my own. Thanks!

  2. Hi How can i print my entire family tree (about 50+ pages) with one button and without using a fan chart? I also would love to have a way to find an ancestor on my tree without having to try to go through every arrow. any suggestion??

  3. I’m looking for and really need a way to print out a report or list showing MY ancestors for a set number of generations and their ID numbers so I don’t have to spend so much time hunting for a person.

  4. I am looking for parents of Johann Wilhelm Theodor Keil .there are John Keil wife name Caloline ,,I need them by sunday
    have ask several times no response ,have to give family tree full this sunday

  5. I would like to see a feature where a person doing work has a notebook in FamilyTree where they can keep their contact name, addresses, a log of what they are working on, answers they find in the blog or other areas..whatever they need and can always have access to without having to log out to look for needed information somewhere else. I keep notes in a file and it isn’t as hard to access them when I’m home, but when I am at the FHC my Mac laptop is not always compatible.

      1. If you want someone that is living to show up on your son’s tree you must sign in on your son’s tree and not on your tree you sign in on.

  6. Need a search for ID number option on all search screens. Need to unlink parents added to KNBT-3VK by mistake. Parents added were born after the person! Can not find the record for KNBT-3VK so I can edit it easily!