Family Tree Update: What is Missing when a Person’s Ordinance Status is “Needs More Information”

January 7, 2014  - by 

When you have a deceased person in your Family Tree that doesn’t have enough information to qualify for temple ordinances, Family Tree now tells you what information is needed. More than 20 different situations can trigger the “Needs More Information” ordinance status to appear, which means it can be hard for a member to figure out what critical information is missing. Now you can get help knowing exactly what is missing and how you can update the record to qualify for temple ordinance work.



What the “Needs More Information” Status Looks Like

On the tree, the “Needs More Information” status shows up this way:

Nees More Information 1







The ordinance icon for “Needs more information” is a white box surrounded gray, dotted line. This icon appears on the summary card and on the LDS Ordinances section of the details.

Seeing What Information Needs to Be Added

When you see that a person needs more information, you can find out exactly what information in two different ways:

  • On the person’s summary card, hover your mouse over the ordinance status to see an explanation. If the status is “Needs More Information,” that message now tells you what information is needed:

Nees More Information 2








  • In the LDS Ordinances section of the person’s details, the information appears right beneath the ordinance status:

Nees More Information 3








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  1. What I discovered over the time is there are always TWO items to clear up.

    1. Names must not be in () at all. Must be Ann or Annie, likewise same for surnames.

    2. Odd characters in names, remove them. I don’t mean foreign characters.

    3. “Miss”, “Daughter”, etc where given name is unknown, must be left blank.

    4. Titles and prefixes and suffixes must not be in given name space or surname space. Move titles out to “Other Information”. Dr, Mr, Mrs, to first space. Jr, Sr and III, etc to their proper place after surname space.

    Place names are pretty irrevelant so far as to standardized.

  2. I have submitted marriage sealing without dates or places. These marriages were done in either Alabama, Franklin County, where the court house burned down in 1900. No marriage records exist before 1900. Other marriages took place in Pennsylvania where marriage records only exist in the churches and have not been filmed or printed in books, etc. None of these marriage sealings have been rejected due to lack of dates or places. So, I don’t understand the wording on More Information Needed. Also, I have been told that most temple ordinances are accepted without dates & places because many in the world do not have any access to this information, i. e. Africa and other places.

  3. This is a very practical improvement which short-cuts one’s own need to find out why the ‘needs more information’ occurs.
    Often it is as simple as the deceased box has not been checked so the very very old ancestor is still ‘seen’ as living.
    Thank you

  4. I tested this out with a couple names on my family tree that had the yellow triangle and “needs more information.” When I brought up the person page there was nothing there showing ordinances were not completed. Everything was done, even for 2nd and 3rd marriages, and no triangles were showing. Why is the triangle showing on the main pedigree page if all their work is done and nothing is missing on the record? I will try a couple more farther back in my line and see if I get a different result. This will be a fabulous addition if it works!

  5. Thank you! This will be soooo helpful! I have had to spend so much time trying to figure out what is needed.

  6. How can I find out if my brother who just passed away on 2/23/2020 is still on the church records? He may have had his name removed but we don’t know for sure.