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Caution: Do not open the All the Stories app if you have anything else to do. I opened it just to get an idea of what it is so I could write a review of it later. After two hours of sitting in a chair I didn’t like, my back hurt so much I finally stopped.

All the Stories is an amazing app. You sign in, allow access to your family, and a list of all the stories anyone has posted on your family tree comes up. It’s as user friendly as anything I’ve seen: easy to access, no setup, instant results, and the results are important.

I couldn’t possibly spend the time necessary to find all the stories from my family history that were instantly listed by using this app. Genealogy and family history have always been available to me. Every side of my family has pioneer history, so it’s easy to take for granted. If curiosity strikes, I just log on to and check something out. But that’s a fairly focused view.

My grandson and I recently traced a couple of my grandmother’s lines back over 2,000 years. It was fun for both of us. We saw some names we thought were amusing, such as Odin Wodin. It’s been fun to talk about how we had relatives in Troy, but there wasn’t much to personally identify with.

When I started reading to my family from All the Stories, I found relatives, names, times, and places I had never heard of. I’m a direct descendent of a man who made Joseph Smith’s boots. I’m descended from another man who gave Joseph Smith water when the Prophet was on his way to jail.

I found ancestors who fought the Indians and the French before the revolutionary war. Some accounts documented travel aboard ships from England to America. Others gave first-hand memories of life in Nauvoo and of the persecution those folks suffered. Others chronicled the trials of the pioneer treks to the Salt Lake valley.

I found confirmation of my dad’s grandfather working for Brigham Young as a baker and then being assigned to guard against Indian attacks at Guard Knoll in Ephraim. And I thought all my Ephraim roots were from my mother’s side.

A concise description explains how the person in the story is related to you. For example, “Jane Doe is your mother’s 5th great grandmother.” This detail makes the family history more personal that would otherwise be another piece of research I’d have to wade through. Also, links to connect that person and that particular story.

My only suggestion for the app is to put the relationship at the beginning of the story instead of the end. I know that’s a small detail, but it would help those of us who are spoiled and lazy family researchers.

I’ve enjoyed a number of the apps. All the Stories deeply touched me. It provides an intimate connection through the words of relatives from the past. It also opened up information I’d never been able to confirm. I’d always heard there was a French connection in my family history. Thanks to All the Stories, I now know it was Norman.

Try this app out. There’s no learning curve, no technical challenges, and no forks in the trail. Just make sure you’re in a comfortable chair and you have a few hours.

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  1. Where did “All Stories” go? I can’t find it through your link anymore. It takes me to the new home page but “all stories” is not listed as an option under the stories section.

    1. When I was not able to get into All The Stories through the FamilySearch web page I contacted FS by computer and the FamilySearch contact said, my words, not a quote, when we made recent changes, some of the app organizations chose not to register with us. So, I began finding “All The Stories” though Google. It worked fine for a while. Other Church Service Missionaries here at the Lehi Center, who I had introduced to the app were quite disappointed, like me, when I could not get the app to work through Google either. Does anyone know how to access All The Stories? It’s one of the most useful apps that I have introduced to guests who come to the Center.

      Elder Dennis Carman

  2. All the stories doesn’t seem to be connecting with this new FamilySearch. Is there any plan to get this up and running. This is such a wonderful app!!!!! I pray this does not go away

  3. Have they done away with this site or just named it something else? I loved reading about my ancestors on this site. Where else can I find these histories or snipits of their lives?

  4. I noticed when I used this website, new location-( the other day that it does not include life sketches, only stories listed on the Memories page.

    It would be wonderful to INCLUDE the Life Sketches.! Some of my ancestors have life sketches and nothing on the Memories page.

    1. Hi Carole! Thank you for your question. Here is one way that you can explore stories on your ancestors. Check out your fan chart: On the left side of the screen, select the chart option “Stories”. On the right side of the screen is the legend for the number of stories available on each person. Click on a person. When their information card pops up, click on Memories. You can then explore the photos, documents, stories, and perhaps audio that other family members have shared about this person.