The Family History Library Announces Free Webinar Series—“Irish Records & Resources Online” for March 2016

February 29, 2016  - by 
Family History Library

Are your Irish and English ancestor’s still playing those ‘elusive’ games on you? Are you unsure where to search or what to do next? The Family History Library presents a series of British Webinars during the month of March, directly addressing the answers to these questions and more. Irish research is highlighted during a two-day beginning Irish research series. Also, for the first time, two webinars will teach research strategies and allow participants to ask research questions to a few of our specialists. Come and participate in this first-ever live England Case Study webinar and in our British Q & A Session webinar. Each class is 50 minutes with 10 minutes of questions and answers.

To attend any of the webinars online listed below during the times listed below, click the Adobe Connect Registration Webinar page.

New! Tuesday, March 8th 1:00 P.M. (MST) in the B-2 floor class room—“A Mid-19th Century England Case Study and Strategies Session” Webinar. We hope this test webinar will be a “must-do” experience and a model for future webinars. The England case study presented to class participants promises to be a treasure-filled one.

A basic research problem will be presented relating to a mid-19th century English family. Attendees at home and in the classroom will then be invited to spend 5–10 minutes using online resources to discover more about them. We will review some initial findings, and share a few surprises and strategies as well. More search time will be given and the session will conclude with a recap and Q & A.

Thursday, March 17th 11:00 A.M. (MDT) in the B-2 floor class room—“Where is That? Finding and Understanding Places in Ireland” Webinar. This webinar will teach the significance of Ireland’s places, place-names, and levels of jurisdictions. This knowledge will help lead you to better research practices for finding records and help you make the right ancestral connections in Ireland’s records.

Thursday, March 17th 1:00P.M. (MDT) in the Main Computer Lab—“Ireland Census and Census Substitutes” Webinar. This webinar reveals that though there are numerous missing key records in Ireland, there are a multiplicity of other records including census-type records (heads of household record sets) which can help narrow down the parish where your ancestors lived and when. These may help you find more conclusive information on your difficult Irish ancestral lines in other records.

Friday, March 18th 11:00A.M. (MDT) in the B-2 floor class room—“Ireland Catholic Church Records” Webinar. This webinar will provide you with a treasure-trove of wonderful information about how to advance your Irish Catholic ancestral research. Key websites and how to utilize them will be shown for finding Catholic ancestors.

Friday, March 18th 1:00P.M. (MDT) in the B-2 floor class room—“Irish Protestant Church Records” Webinar. This webinar will reveal some of the background of the Scots’ religious influences in Ireland, and how to trace ancestral connections in Ireland’s records.

Thursday, March 24th 1:00P.M. (MDT) in the B-2 floor class room—“British Virtual Specialist Q & A Session” Webinar. This second test webinar session will provide a live opportunity for guests outside the library to ask two British specialists their research questions. Participants will be able to ask two to three sentence questions on research problems. Each question must include locality and time period that the question pertains to. We will then spend up to 5 minutes discussing suggested strategies to solve the problem. So that many can participate, we will take the questions on a first come, first served basis. Our responses will be limited to 5 minutes. As needed, key websites, and sources, research strategies, and ways to maximize each research problem via various powerful online tools will be demonstrated. Even if you have tried suggested approaches before, hopefully you will go away with a few new ideas for solving the problem.


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  1. We are sorry to hear that you wish to suspend the research on your tree. We still have a considerable amount of work to conduct. We will return all of the data we’ve done.

  2. I am excited about webinars being available, but I wonder if the webinars offer closed captioning for Deaf/Hard of Hearing participants. Please advise.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Tried for years to finf Semple family Belfast. Carricfergus. Any help appreciated.
    Mother was Elizabeth Semple born 14 March 1900 her mother ElizabethbDonald.

  4. Trying to find out what indian tribe my great grandmother came from. Her married name was Sarah Jane Siple married to Benjamin Siple both are from Pennsylvania around Jefferson County Any help would be appreciated.

  5. I will be travelling during the time of the Irish webinars. Will they be available for viewing later?

  6. If I missed the March 8th webinar, will there be another? My family comes from both England and Ireland. I’m esp. interested in England because my great, great grandmother came from England, but during that time the records from Ellis Island were destroyed by a fire.

  7. Trying to find where the Irish Brigade lived and died or birth and marriage records etc. in France. The French have bee no help, they just refer you to another dept. and answer everything in French, even when you tell them that you cannot speak or write the language.

  8. Missed yesterday’s webinars – out celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Are they available somewhere on your site to view them. Thanks.