Family History Is as Easy as Pushing “Record”

December 15, 2018  - by 
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Record family members’ favorite memories. Download the FamilySearch Memories app on iOS or android. Simply open the app, and click the GREEN +. Select the microphone icon, click Begin Recording, and then click Start.


Gather family recipes, traditions, or songs using the FamilySearch Memories app.

Add audio to photos by going to the Memories tab at the top of the FamilySearch screen or using the FamilySearch Memories app. Learn more here.







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  1. An urgent recommendation that anyone who records anything by any means, quickly convert to later technology as soon as it is developed. I have met men who had reel to reel recordings of their ancestors, and have no way to play it. This is a chronic problem with all sorts of data. Usually, at the time new technology is developed conversion systems are available. Too many people wait and then it is too late.

  2. I have has a difficult time to get my password to do any family search. I am not great at the electronics and would like to talk with someone who could help.

    1. I was having problems with my pass word also. Then I read my e-mail about activating my account. So I did that and now I have no problem getting in family search. Maybe you need to do that also. Hope this helps

    1. Hi Lucy! Thank you for your question. Please help me a little more. Are you asking about recording phone calls to store in FamilySearch Memories?

      1. I too am interested in recording a phone call directly into Memories. My friend, who has an Android, is able to put her family on speaker phone and the record button starts the countdown and records her call. However, on my Apple phone the countdown does not start, nor does anything record. Please help me understand how to do it!! Thank you!