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Recently, FamilySearch launched a new My Family: Stories that Bring Us Together booklet in 25 languages for use in the wards and stakes throughout the world.  This booklet guides you as you enter the names, dates, and places recorded in the booklet. You can enter your own family, or you can sign in to help others enter information.

FamilySearch has updated its helper feature and now makes it easier to sign in as a helper. You’ll see a handout on signing in as a helper and a video that shows how to sign in as a helper and enter information from a booklet for someone. The video is currently available in English and Spanish. Other languages will be available shortly.

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A new data entry screen has been created to look more closely match the equivalent page in the booklet. The booklet is available now from

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Updated Helper Feature

Until now, if you wanted to use on behalf of someone else, you had to know the contact name and helper ID of the person being helped. This required that person being helped to have an LDS or FamilySearch Account, which was sometimes very inconvenient. In many cases. Not many users are able to actually remember their contact names.

You can sign in as a helper from Family Tree, the Temple List, the landing page for the My Family: Stories That Bring Us Together booklet, and from the Photos section of FamilySearch. (This ability in Photos is new and discussed below.)

The latest improvements now allow you to:

  • Sign in to help someone, even if they don’t already have an LDS or FamilySearch account.
  • Use either of two sets of information about the person you are helping. The first default screen asks for the person’s user name and helper number. Being able to use the username is a change. FamilySearch used to ask for the contact name of the person being helped.

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With the second screen, you can sign in using the person’s full name, birth date, and helper number of the person you are helping. To do this, click the Full Name tab.

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  1. I think that guidelines are needed that indicate when it is appropriate to use the helper feature. I know of a case where the record numbers and birth dates for all ward members were gives to Fam history center directors and preliminary research was done for members without theur knowledge or permission. Please make it more clear that permission is needed before using the feature.

  2. Do you have to be a member of LDS to help someone? I keep putting in the info that I received from the user, and it isn’t working.