Engaging Activities for Your Next Family Party or Reunion

June 26, 2017  - by 

Family history is a great way to bring your loved ones together as you celebrate and explore your common roots. There are lots of great activities you can use to fill your family gatherings with family history fun! If you’re looking for a creative and engaging way to make your ancestors a part of your family reunions or parties, check out these family history activities, and plan a time to put them into action this summer or at any time during the year.






Need some more ideas? We’ve gathered a list of our favorite family history games, crafts, and more from around the web to help you plan the perfect event for your family.



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  1. I like your ideas on planning activities for a family reunion. I like the Jumbo family tree that you listed since it will help the family remember our roots, and I know it will deepen the bond within the members. I also think going on tours is a fun and educational activity that my family will love. Thoughts?