Expiration of Ordinance Reservations

July 29, 2019  - by 
Group going to temple with reserved ordinances.

When temple reservations expire, they are automatically shared with the temple and made available to other relatives through Family Tree and Ordinances Ready. A few changes to how expiration dates work are explained below.

Expiration Dates 

  • In general, ordinance reservations expire two years from the reservation date. 
  • Ordinance reservations you share with someone expire two years from the original reservation date. 
  • Ordinance reservations expire after 90 days if they were retrieved from the temple reservation list by Ordinances Ready. (Learn more about Ordinances Ready and how it searches for ordinances.)
  • When you reserve multiple ordinances for the same ancestor, the ordinance reservation will be extended for one year if at least one ordinance is completed before the expiration date. 

Expiration Notifications 

Your reservation list now shows an expiration date. Patrons will be notified of expiring reservations through the FamilySearch messaging system and eventually through email notifications (if an email address has been added).

Youth looking at ordinance reservation cards at the temple.

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  1. Found the wording of the expiration dates section confusing, and had to reread it a few times, especially about the ninety day rule.

  2. Some of my reserved names are expiring but the confusing part is that the sealing to parents expires before the endowment and I need to do the endowment first. Why wouldn’t they have the same expiration date?

    1. Lynne, some ordinances expire in 90 days while others expire after 2 years. This article will explain why these two ordinances have different expiration dates. The good news is you actually can do your ordinances out of order now. Try doing the sealing to parents first if you can’t do an endowment session first.

        1. Michaele, thanks for asking! We still prefer that all ordinances be performed in the proper sequence, however, Ordinances Ready allows sealings to be done before individual ordinances. This article explains in more in depth.

  3. This is all good, but I have been confused by the fact that I have many males that need Endowments, and my husband is bed ridden. So I leave 10 in the temple drawer in our temple for others to do. Some of these expired and when I went to search for them, they had been pulled from the drawer and destroyed. I am trying to get the rest completed before they expire, but there is only one of me. I’m wondering if they can be re-reserved after they are shared with temple? When they are shared with the temple they seem to take many years to complete and I feel I can complete them faster, even though it might take more than two years for some.

    1. Once the names are shared with the temple there is no option to re-reserve them. The good news is you can be confident that they will get done eventually at the temple.

  4. I would like to help others complete their ancestors’ temple ordinances both to keep myself involved at the Temple and also to have my grandchildren experience temple ordinances.