Exciting New Changes at the Family History Library

October 13, 2014  - by 

In an effort to beautify the Library and to enhance guest services and research specialist interactions, the reference desks on the B1, B2, and 2nd floors are being removed and new consultation areas are being placed on each floor. For example, the B1 International floor has separate reference areas for European, Nordic, and Latin American help integrated into the guest areas of the floor. A comfortable welcome area resides where the old reference desks used to be. The remodel will be complete by November 2014.


New B1 International Floor











New Service Model—In addition to the new reference areas, we have also implemented a new guest services model. To help guests get the assistance they need without waiting in lines, we have added a guest paging system. Volunteers are still available on each floor to help with questions, though when additional expertise is needed, guests can sign up for a consultation with a specialist during daytime hours Monday–Friday. To sign up, the guest can visit with a scheduler who will give them a restaurant style pager. The guest can then continue their research anywhere in the Library. Once paged, the guest returns to the welcome area of the floor where they will be greeted by a research specialist. The paging system is in use for B1 and B2, and will be available on the 2nd floor once the construction is complete.

Remodel 2
Pagers for Patron Use.






Discovery Area—On the Main Floor there is photo scanning equipment that can be used to scan photos and documents. There are also Family Story booths available where it is possible to make a video and audio recording of family stories and save them to a flash drive. We recommend bringing a 2G flash drive. The photos and stories can be added to your Family Tree.

Remodel 3








There is also a new children’s area where parents can entertain their children while a family member works on their family history in the Library. We do not recommend parents leave their children unattended.

Children’s Area

Remodel 4







We look forward to the exciting possibilities these changes will bring.

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  1. I was just there this last week with my mother and sister. I was pleasantly suprised when we entered and were greeted warmly by the missionaries asking if we needed help finding things and giving us directions and the video we watched was helpful. I didn’t feel so lost and overwhelmed this time. We had a wonderful experience. and i thought it looked really nice already.

  2. I like the new changes and think it will benefit everyone. I am glad you stressed that children should not be left and attended

  3. When will we be able to upload stories with photos, drawings and maps in a jpg or pdf format? Hopefully soon!

  4. Por lo que puedo ver, es realme3nte una biblioteca de última generación. Los salones y dispositivos se ven muy bellos. Felicitaciones!! Es otro gran emprendimiento.

    1. Translation of above comment: From what I can see, is really a library generation. Classrooms and devices look very beautiful. Congratulations !! It’s another great undertaking.


  6. Well done Family History Library. The first time I went (a few years back) I met and had consultations with the Swedish, Norwegian and Irish consultants. Each of them spent about 30 minutes with me and answered so many of my questions (I came prepared). Both the Swedish and Norwegian consultants translated some documents for me and explained how to follow up with my research. Sadly when I went back a few years later, the Library was not doing consultations.

    Thanks so much for bringing this service back and for bringing it into he 21st century with the “in line buzzer.” I love the look of the areas and the getting them out from behind the desk. Kudos all around – and I will have an opportunity to see all of this in practice in February while attending RootsTech 2015. Wonderful!

  7. I hope when we have the RootsTech in February that we can have a video of the new addition. Thank You very much!

  8. The picture of the new B1 looks great. Is the pager system also for having documents translated from German or Spanish to English? Does the person who is translating comes to where you are reading microfilm?

    One of the reasons I come to the FHL from another state is to have the excellent translators on B1 help me understand what the document means. They are the best and so very helpful.