How to Exchange Details between Ancestry and Family Tree

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You’ve created family trees in FamilySearch and you have one in  Now you want coordinate both trees so that you can exchange details between the two trees. How do you keep them both synchronized?


An Example from my Own Trees

I import my four generations into Ancestry. My paternal great grandfather, Harry Woods, has 14 Hints. I review these possible matches, and one of them is New Hampshire, Marriage Records Index, 1637-1947. I can see that it’s a match for my great grandparents. There is a bit of information in this record that I don’t already have – which is the city in New Hampshire where the marriage took place. I attach the source record to Harry’s profile, check the box next to the city name, and accept it to modify his profile. This adds the source record and modifies the records of both Harry Woods and his wife Alice.

Image 1








Now, the Ancestry records for Harry and Alice are different from the FamilySearch records for these two individuals.

Now I want to synchronize the information between the two programs. I click on the little FamilySearch tree icon and a drop-down menu appears with several options:

Image 2








First, I try Compare person on FamilySearch. This screen appears:

Image 3











Wow! This makes it easy to move information between the two programs! Uh-oh! Before I see the bit of information I want to transfer, this is the message I find:

Image 4









Maybe by the time you read this article this function will be in place. But today, for me, the alternative is just a few extra keystrokes.

I go back one screen and this time I click on the FamilySearch tree icon and select View this person on FamilySearch:

Image 5








This opens a new tab in my browser in my FamilySearch profile page for Harry Woods. I scroll down to Family Members and select Edit Couple.


Image 6









The couple information is displayed, and I click on the event in question,

Image 7





and select Edit from the options in the upper right corner of the event box:

Image 8




This opens an editable event box where I go to the Place field and add the city name.

Image 9









I start typing in Lisbon, and some options pop-up and I select the correct city, county, state, nation option from the list. Then I type in the source in the Reason This Information is Correct box. Then I click on Save.

Image 10









It does take a few extra keystrokes, but it’s nice that I’m able to go directly to the needed person record in FamilySearch from his Ancestry record. And eventually relationship records will be available for comparison and synchronization on the Compare Person on FamilySearch screen where we will be able to just check a box and click Save!


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  1. I have two accounts. One on Ancestry and one on FamilySearch. I can’t get the tree’s on either one to sync. I really don’t want to manually transfer them. I tried what was said above, but there is no completed tab. What should I do? Can anyone help

  2. Why doesn’t the full birth date show up in the TREE? Is there a way that it can get it to show up? Thanks for any reply to help me with this feature.

  3. I have had Ancestry Family tree program for about 20 years, I have version 2011 and now are having problems with script errors.
    My question is, is it possible to import all of my information from family tree maker to your family search program.

  4. I don’t have a tree on familysearch but would like to move my tree away from ancestry without starting all over.. can I use a flash drive to copy my ancestry tree then move it to familysearch? I don’t like the way ancestry has their trees anymore; they removed the clean cut family group sheet and added all this junk

  5. I can no longer find this feature on I’ve clicked on everything and there is no FamilySearch tree icon the website

  6. This seems to be completely different now. Was there an update to Ancestry? I can’t for the life of me find where to connect to FamilySearch.

    1. These directions are very confusing perhaps because Debra is skipping some information; like, where is the Family Search tree icon. Is it on the Ancestry site or the Family Search? I am also having trouble navigating where there is no navigation.

      1. Actually, I do this very often, and the directions in this article are just the way I do it. No steps are missing. Is there a Family History Center near you where a consultant could walk you through the steps?

  7. Hi, I have called both Ancestry and FamilySearch on this matter and no one can help me it seems. I started an Ancestry account years ago as a trial basis and never actually did anything. Since then I have been baptized into the LDS church and now I have a FamilySEarch account and have a nice bit of family history work done, I want to get the info into my Ancestry account but that account is limited….I did the steps when I got the free membership link for LDS members but it still asks me for money. Any idea why??
    I am also wondering if I can get info from myheritage over to FamilySearch since I have a lot of new stuff now on myheritage?

  8. I believe this is referring to the Family Tree Maker software that synchronizes with Ancestry, not website. This option is NOT available on the web interface.

    1. Clark, it is possible to sync your FamilySearch tree information with If you have any questions, please let us know.

  9. For those wanting to transfer your tree from Ancestry to Familysearch, you will need to downlaod a gedcom file from Ancestry (under the tree settings page), and upload the gedcom to Familysearch. Unfortunately, you will lose all of your attachments (documents, photos, etc) but all your source citations will be there.

  10. These comments are ( almost) all negative. I felt blind-sided by the automatic renewal of $149 w/ out affirming that it was what I wanted. Hate it when company’s,once they get get your CC #, assume that they can bill you w/o declining. This is bull sh*t! You should HAVE to say YES before any charges are incurred. This should Not be allowed-under any circumstances.

    1. Kenlyn, I’m sorry you had a negative experience. The charge you’re referring to likely came from I recommend contacting Ancestry’s support center here to resolve the problem.

  11. Hi, I´d like to download my family search tree to be able to switch from family search to ancestry, does anyone now how?

  12. Oh I found it. In ancestry, you have to reconnect to your family search. It will log you out every 2 weeks, for security reasons. I re-logged in to my family search while in ancestory and the tree showed up as seen in this article.

    While in ancestry I clicked on the “trees” option in the black menu bar.
    The bottom of this pop up list has “import tree from family search” this allowed me to reconnect my lists and the tree icon now shows up in ancestry as described. I hope this helps

  13. What is the current 2020 state of this facility? Have FS and Anc implemented “this function” so that transfer is expedited automatically?