If You Don’t Put It Online – Your Descendants Will Not Find It!

December 4, 2015  - by 

With January 1st approaching, how’s this for a New Year’s Resolution: preserve your family history records online so that future generations can find them. Take your records – prepare now to begin scanning them and putting them online.

Bottom line: “If You Don’t Put It Online – Your Descendants Will Not Find It!”

It is that simple.

That is the central message of the online lecture that I gave Friday, November 13th.

Click here to listen to my webinar Bringing It All Together and Leaving a Permanent Record.

Whether you’ve been researching your family history for 5 years – 15 years – or perhaps even 50 years – your search skills have improved year after year.

Now is the time to thoroughly review your research conclusions. You want to review and evaluate each person in your family tree. Reconfirm the dates/places of their vital events and upload their photos, stories and documents. Make sure that each person’s record is accurate and that all of your notes are attached.

Put that information online. Now.

Kemp 2

Review and rebuild your tree – putting it on multiple websites so that you have double or triple the online backup, widely distributing your information so that your non-genealogist family members can easily find what you spent years discovering.

Put your stories and family photos on multiple websites like:


Kemp 3


Kemp 4


Kemp 5

Listen to the webinar to learn how to review and prepare your data so that you can leave it – permanently – on multiple websites. For the upcoming New Year, resolve to make sure your data is available for your family into the rising generation.


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Thomas Jay Kemp is the Director of Genealogy Products at GenealogyBank. Tom is an internationally known librarian and archivist. He is the author of over 35 genealogy books and hundreds of articles about genealogy and family history. An active genealogist, he has been working on his own family history for over 50 years.

Tom previously served as the Chair of the National Council of Library & Information Associations (Washington, D.C.) and as Library Director of both the Historical Society of Pennsylvania and the New England Historic Genealogical Society.

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  1. I enjoyed your webinar live, and took many great tips from it. As a recipient of research, photos, and memorabilia from many family branches over the past 25 years, my greatest goal is to distribute, distribute, distribute, so the evidence will live on much longer than I will. Thank you for this timely message. The internet has made this goal so much easier over the years, hasn’t it?

    1. I was very excited about family history preservation until l discovered alot of companies seemed to be also- for entirely different reasons. Most of them for profit. By cumulating personal data online for others to sell same data FOR PROFITS is highly deceitful . Sadly , the family tree ,DNA, etc collections are being used –to obtain and SELL/use any and all data collected from us offering up personal data.

      1. Turtlrun – Choose the sites you are comfortable with & get your data online so that it will be easily found in the years ahead.

        Go for it.

        It’s a great day for genealogy!

        Tom Kemp

    2. You’re welcome.
      It’s terrific that we have the opportunity to wrap everything together – by putting it online where it will be found – permanently.

      It’s a great day for genealogy!

  2. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Preservation is the key to keeping our history alive. Another place you should mention Thomas is AmericasFootprints.com. They are built on the premise of preserving individual “Footprints” so people can pass down their own stories to future generations. Really cool site, and well worth looking into! Thanks for the tips. -Jonathan