Don’t Label Me—But Do Label Your Ancestors

March 16, 2018  - by 

FamilySearch Family Tree is seriously huge. With over a billion unique names, it is the largest family tree in the world.

Navigating such a large tree to connect with your ancestors can be tricky. We recently added a new feature called “Labels” that will, as it continues to develop, provide a new way to place your ancestors in better context.

You’ve used labels on other sites and in apps to easily organize and view similar types of things. You can now add labels to your ancestor’s listing in Family Tree to honor their accomplishments, signify their involvement in a group, or memorialize their profession.

The number of available labels is pretty limited at this point, but it will grow. In the meantime, use the new label feature to explore Family Tree in new and interesting ways.

How It Works

Here’s how you can add labels to your ancestor’s person page and use them to browse the Family Tree.

Adding and Editing Labels

It’s simple to add or remove a label.

  1. Sign in to Hover your mouse pointer over Family Tree, and click Tree. Go to the person page of one of your ancestors and find the new section called “Labels.”

    Learn how to add labels to people in the FamilySearch Family Tree from the details section of a profile.
    (Tip: The sections of the person page can be reordered by clicking the gear button at the top of the details section).

    How to attach person labels to people in the FamilySearch Family Tree.

    Add labels to people in your tree to add context to their profile.

  2. Click Attach Label to select a label category.

    How to categorize your ancestors in FamilySearch.

  3. Select the label you want to appear on your ancestor’s person page.

    Select labels specific to your ancestor on FamilySearch.

  4. Click Attach.

    Add labels to person profiles on FamilySearch to categorize your ancestors.

  5. (Optional) Add a web page link to a page that has more information about your ancestor.
  6. Include a reason for attaching the label.
  7. Click Attach.

    Attach labels to people on your free FamilySearch account.

Viewing All Persons with a Label

To view all of the people in Family Tree that have the same label, simply click the label at the top right of the person page.

Attach labels to people on your free FamilySearch account.


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  1. You say: “Near the top of the page is a new section called “Labels.”

    I can’t find the section called “Labels”. I followed your steps, but still can’t find it. The above photos don’t show it either.

    OH!!! I just tried the BOTTOM of the page and that’s where it is, underneath Notes. Really, I didn’t see it until I just now tried the bottom of the Person page. You need to redo your instructions here so old people like me won’t have another reason to believe they’re loosing their minds… 😎

      1. My Labels was not at the bottom, it was at the top. So, have previous labels been removed? That was always a fun thing to find, as I didn’t know much about my ancestors. The labels helped me learn something about an ancestor I knew nothing about. How can I know which label to choose?

    1. Now I am confused. Today 3/18/2018 3:20pm, it is near the top. It’s between the details and the “life sketch”. There is nothing below the “Notes”.

    2. It might be best to not say WHERE on the main panel the Labels section is. I see it at the top. But anyone can click the little gear icon on the top right and re-arrange the various sections of a person details page. So, Labels could be pretty much anywhere on the left side of the person details screen

  2. I added a Scientists and Inventors Label to my relative David Maydole 27DS-1TP with a URL.
    Now I click on that Label under Help Others (in the upper right), David is the top one of 780 results. I click on View and get a blank web page. The URL I added is not connected to View.

  3. I have looked at several “Person Pages” but I do not see a Labels section – either at the bottom after the Notes section or anywhere else on the page.

  4. I just want to add names to the pictures. They are ordinary people. I have added names to some pictures and stll see those “ugly red question marks” asking me to label the pictures. Your instructions are not clear for older people who are doing this work 🙁 Please find someone who will write extra simple instructions.

    1. Dolores, this article is not about labeling pictures. Are you referring to labeling pictures in the FamilySearch Memories gallery?

    2. In reading the replies, I just see confusion, so I don’t think I will spend the time and frustration to add things to Family Trees.

      1. I’m sorry you feel that way. If there’s anything we can help you with to make it easier, please let us know.

  5. Could you please add the label “Immigrant”? I would like to be able to track my ancestors who left their home country and then came to America. I love this new feature!!

  6. It now says near the bottom of the page, but it is located near the top of the page on the few I looked at – between the name and ‘Life Sketch.” Hmmmmmm!!!

  7. Won’t let me add labels. I can follow the instructions, I put in a url, I put in my reasons why I’m attaching the label, and when I go to attach it, nothing happens. It just sits there. Definitely not ready for primetime.

  8. My name is Marie gaidsick my maiden name is Lassallette and I am still married to Fred Gaidsick your records shows that I am divorced that divorce was filed in August 1966 and I I and The divorce was dismissed on January 1967 a dismissal with prejudice was filed was number 124311 at the Superior quart of the state of California please correct your records as I do have documents to prove to prove this I hope you will understand respect my wishes please reply to me on this manner respectfully yours Marie Gaidsick

  9. The labels are a great addition. A couple of comments about this. Under the American Civil War label, the only category is Battle of Gettysburg. Why not include all American Civil War veterans? What is the intent for the label titled Military Figures? Could there be labels for other military veterans besides for the War of 1812 and the Civil War?

  10. I have no trouble adding the “American Civil War” label for my g-grandfather Freeman Merryman. But the label description says Battle of Gettysburg. He was in numerous battles, but not Gettysburg. I was expecting a more generic label category.

  11. Would it be possible to allow users to propose a label? Some of the categories seem too broad and encompass a lot of people who have little in common. For example, “Politician” could describe any elected official from the president to the local dog catcher.. I would like to see more descriptive labels like “US Senator,” “Iowa Legislator,” or “County Commissioner for Mariposa County.”

    1. I love this idea. Having suggested something similar in March I hope your suggestion is considered and/or implemented sooner than mine

    2. I love this idea. Having suggested something similar in March, I hope your suggestion is considered and/or implemented sooner than mine

  12. it does not tell me how to delete labels or how to manage divorce relationships where one may remarry but have children to the first