Donny Osmond Joins RootsTech 2015

October 22, 2014  - by 

Iconic entertainer to speak at largest family history event in the world.

One of the biggest names in entertainment from one of the most well-known families in the world will be part of the largest family history conference in the world. RootsTech 2015 announced today that entertainer, actor, author, and television host Donny Osmond will be joining RootsTech as a keynote speaker on Saturday, February 14, 2015. He will inspire the thousands of conference attendees to discover and share family stories of the past, present, and future. For more information, go to

Donny has been singing and entertaining audiences for almost 50 years. He has starred in shows on Broadway and in Las Vegas and was the season-nine winner of Dancing with the Stars. He has sold millions of records and hosted a variety of TV shows. He’s now anxious to share stories in a completely different venue at RootsTech 2015. “I’m already looking forward to this exciting event,” Donny said. “Family and family stories are obviously very important to me. This is a chance to connect to something that is part of who I am.”

Celebrating five decades in s

RootsTech 2015 Resized
how business, Donny will be releasing his 60th album, Soundtrack of My Life, just a month before the RootsTech 2015 conference. Each track on the album tells a story, tracing many points of both his professional and personal life. “My family and the stories we share are such an important part of my life, so RootsTech is just the perfect place to celebrate that.”

Most people associate Donny with his large musical family, but they might not realize that the Osmonds are also family historians. They have gathered and recorded their family connections and stories since 1954 through the Osmond Family Organization (OFO). Started by Donny’s parents, George and Olive Osmond, the OFO conducts genealogical research and gathers historical family information for the world to view freely.

Donny will kick off the final day of RootsTech 2015, taking the stage for what is expected to be the largest RootsTech audience ever. For more information or to register, visit

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  1. I would like someone from the Mormon church of Christ to see if you have a Bracken Family Tree of Bridget Bracken or Mary Jane Bracken Wamsley to see how I am related to the Bracken family. My email is help me.I haven’t been able to get help from any Brackens..So I am asking please steer me in the right direction. Thank You. Mary

    1. Mary, there are many ways you could go about finding Bracken Family Names. Someone from FamilySearch can help you get you started if you call the help FamilySearch Research Support number at 1-866-406-1830.

  2. I would like to find the Bracken Family Tree
    of Christopher and Bridget Bracken. They are my family line and I don’t know much of that family line so need some help in finding family history of them. They are related to Wamsley line as well and my Mother was Mary Elva Wamsley Kane who is related to the Brackens. Please help me.

    1. Mary I would give FamilySearch Research Support a call, they can get you on the right track. Their number is 1-866-406-1830

    2. Mary, I sent you two emails at the address given above that contained information and tips concerning this. Did you not receive them?

      If not you need to contact me and I will send the again.

  3. Hi Donny Osmond!
    I have been looking for a part of my relatives which I never knew existed until my parents were older and sickly and almost read to die themselves. They said My Grandmother maiden name was Bracken and i never heard of that name all my live. So I wanted to find out about them and promised my mother I would check out and make them in our family history to hand down with my children so they would know. Wello, it’s been quite awhile and I still haven’t found out much of their life, there children, where they have lived, came fro,, or the births, deaths, and marriage and year, Or much else of there life. Only they were both born in Ireland. so as I am now 77 years old I worry I won’t get to know much of the Christopher Bracken or Bridget Nee Bracken and I’ve had medical surgeries, diabetics and doctoring every week. My Coast Guard daughter is going to Seattle Wash. to drive the big ship to the South Pole this summer as she drove the ship to the North Pole last summer and had a lovely time. But I am looking to fill my promise to my mother,, Mary Elva Wamsley before I get too sickly to do that work. Can someone help me? I sure hope so. And I am glad you, Donnie Osmond are working with Roots 2015 and hope you can help me too. My Thanks for anything you can help me with. You will be a nice help to me. God Bless.
    Mary Durley,