Discussions: Users Can Now Delete Legacy Disputes

May 14, 2014  - by 

A few years ago, FamilySearch.org copied disputes from new.FamilySearch.org into the Discussions feature in Family Tree. Those disputes are referred to as “legacy disputes.” When they were copied into Family Tree, the contributor of the dispute was listed as FamilySearch, and the comments could not be deleted.

Because information in new.FamilySearch.org could not be corrected, most of the legacy disputes were comments about what the correct information should be. Many of these legacy disputes are no longer needed because users have already corrected the information in Family Tree.


Any user can now delete a legacy dispute and the comments associated with it if the dispute no longer applies.

  1. To remove a legacy dispute and the associated comments, go to a person’s details page.
  2. Either click Discussions or scroll down to the Discussions section.

Image 1







  1. Under Discussions, if there is a legacy dispute, click Legacy Disputes.

Image 2







4.  Click the Show Comments link.

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5. Read the comments for the legacy dispute, and determine if they no longer apply (for example, if the problem has been corrected).

6. Click the appropriate Delete link.

  • To delete the entire legacy dispute, click the Delete link below Legacy Disputes.
  • To delete only a specific comment, click the comment’s Delete link.


Image 4













The system asks if you are sure you want to delete the comment or legacy dispute.

  1. Click Yes.

Warning: When you delete a legacy dispute, it cannot be restored. Only delete the dispute if the information in the dispute is no longer needed.

Changes to the Source Feature

A couple of changes have been made to the Source feature.

  • If more than 30 sources are attached to a person, the first 30 sources will be displayed, with a More link at the bottom of the list. To see the remaining sources, click the More link.
  • The Source note field size was increased to 10,000 characters.

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  1. I have been working my family history for over 30 years. Recently I gave a copy to both my grandson and my grand daughter with all of my lines including those that were not confirmed as my family. I now find that at least one was added to my line that cannot be proven because my grandfather stated other wise when registering for his wedding. His father was Jeremiah but his mother was Sarah Jane Arnold not Ann Brassel. That is a separate line I was investigating but cannot prove to be my line. I am 84 years young and spent 16 plus years in a ophenage as a child and want my line to be correct. Also by ggfather stated he was born in Ireland not in Canada. I do temple work every Friday for all the Tierney’s I can find but it does not mean they are my line.

    1. +Pierre Tierney – You shold probably copy what you wrote here to a Discussion on the relevent ancestor’s profile page. Others may be interested to know the informaation you describe. They would not be able to find it here. Thx.

    2. i just noticed this comment by pierre tierney,there are tierneys where i live in medway area of england,also arnolds,brazils (brassel)variants and i can assure you 100% that these are renowned romany families,and really old.the tierneys are irish tinkers.i know some of these people,most have settled years ago,many romanies were transported to america,and there was also a mass migration of romanies to the usa and canada and australia and nz.even president bill clinton is a romany descended from the romany blyths of northumberland who were the gipsy kings of scotland where they married into the faa (faars)original gipsy kings of scotland,bill clinton was adopted by an irish family, i dont know if you were aware of this fact, kusti bok rom.

  2. Thank you for making this available, I have deleted obsolete legacy disputes.

    My question is this: why does the profile page still show 1 discussion, instead of 0?

  3. jeepers am i in a blog or where? i am an indexer getting ready to quit but enjoying doing the obits. can’t make heads or tales of info when i check out the arbitrators work. my machine does not like your site. i am wondering who a child in law is and some of those other new in laws. Came across a long time friend and companion item and put it in as nonrelative as i didn’t want to make it a live in companion i think it should include words special friend and also . pls clarify the new in law people description. i hope you don’t try to make me go thorugh google or facebook. i didn’t know which blog to choose so went to the chat to put in this comment. when will the download item list be fixedf? says minnesota is serious hurry up do work but there is none avail. same thing with some marriages and the death records info.

  4. I am wondering if this delete feature is being double checked, before it is completely deleted. I can see someone deleting an alternate name explanation because they did not like it.

    I’ve looked at my ancestors and noticed what appears to be a misspelling. I am the one who put in the note about the correct spelling, and pronunciation. I would hope no one deletes that information as it is important.

  5. Thanks very much for making this change. I had mistakenly made a connection and did not feel confident that my family members would understand how it appeared on our tree. I was planning to abandon the tree until I saw this change. Ilove your website.

  6. My ancestor has been attached to her other husband and his family. How can I remove the other family and get my ancestors connected to my family tree.