Find Your Ancestors Quickly Using FamilySearch’s New Discovery Search Experience

October 6, 2021  - by 
Family using the new Discovery Search page to find their ancestors.

If you find yourself struggling to know how to find your ancestors, FamilySearch has a new search experience that can help you find your ancestors in a quick and easy way without having to sign in. The FamilySearch Discovery Search experience provides a way to quickly search select databases on FamilySearch—the tree, records, memories, and last name information—all at the same time. This is a great way to get started with your family history and connect with your ancestors quickly!

FamilySearch's new Discovery Search experience found on the home page.

There are two ways to get to this search experience. You can either find it on the logged out FamilySearch home page, or you can click the button below. Then all you have to do is type the name of your family member and click Search. It’s really that easy! And you don’t need to provide all the information—just fill in what you know, and you will still find some cool results. Come try it out, share it with your friends, and see what you can find about your family!

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  1. Find the new format very difficult to use. Could the former format be available for those of us who have found it resourceful for years? New is not always better. Thank you.

  2. NOT a fan, difficult to use. Please put the old way back! Do the people designing this actually use it?

  3. What a handy tool to introduce people to FamilySearch. It’s wonderful. I have just one problem. You said, “There are two ways to get to this search experience. You can either FIND IT ON THE FAMILYSEARCH HOME PAGE, or you can click the button below” (emphasis added).

    HOW do we find it on the FamilySearch home page? When I visit “” then type F to search for the word “discovery”, this word does not appear anywhere on the home page. Could you give us more details, please, perhaps an image showing where on the home page we should click?

    1. Sorry that my comment was edited by FamilySearch software which deleted the word I enclosed with greater-than and lesser-than symbols. The above comment should read:
      “… then type CTRL (for the Control Key) F to search for the word …”

    2. Hi Ron! Thank you for your feedback and question. It is on the home page of FamilySearch, prior to logging in. It is the 2nd panel. Hope this helps!

      1. We need to start calling you “Amazing Amy.” Thanks for the fast and informative reply.

        I can access the FS homepage AFTER logging in by opening an incognito browser window. I easily found the link you referred to.

        I don’t suppose you know of an easier way to reach the page AFTER logging in, do you (besides remembering the URL)?

        Thanks again for the great reply,

        1. Hi Ron! Thanks! The purpose for the discovery search is for those who don’t yet have FamilySearch accounts. So, bookmarking the URL would be the best option once you are logged in.

  4. I’m having a difficult time finding this new Discovery Search on the Home Page of Family search. How do you navigate to it?

    1. Hi Grant! Thank you for your question. It is on the FamilySearch Home Page when you are not logged in. It is the 2nd panel down. Since the purpose is for those who don’t yet have FamilySearch accounts, you can see it only when you are not logged in. When you log in, you are in the customized-to-you home page. Hope this helps. Thank you for reading the blog!

  5. I understand and this really great. It gives a good start for the name/names. Try for the right reason and it gives some great pictures and some information about the person and will be of help. Marilyn M. Page

  6. I can’t seem to find the Discovery page on my FamilySearch homepage. The only way I can access it is through the link in this blog post. Can you please add the specific path?

    1. Hi Amber! Thank you for your question. It is available to those without FamilySearch accounts. So, in order to see in on the FamilySearch home page, you need to be signed out of your FamilySearch account. When you are signed in, you are only able to see your customized-to-you home page.

  7. This feature is amazing!!! I see so many benefits in using this logged out experience to help others discover and connect with their families. Thank YOU – well done ❤️

  8. Do I have to hang on to this Blog in order to get to the discovery file? Where do I locate it on the FS home page

    1. Hi LuJeane! Thank you for your question. The discovery search is available on the logged out home page of FamilySearch. It is the 2nd panel from the top. You need to be logged out of FamilySearch to see this search option as it is specifically meant for those who do not yet have FamilySearch accounts.

  9. I wanted to search for my 8th Great Grandmother, who was born in 1620 and I was denied, because that year was too early for the Advanced Search.