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January 26, 2016  - by 
Find a Grave Headstone

I was trying to confirm that the Effie Umphress who I thought was “my” Effie Umphress was, in fact, mine. I needed to confirm her birth and death dates. What a thrill it was to discover a photo online of her final resting place, with the information I needed carved in stone – a granite confirmation that she’s mine, I’m hers, and my efforts were meaningful and successful. Many thanks to the stranger whose contribution to Find A Grave made it possible!

Find A Grave is a free online service that aims to document headstones worldwide. Find A Grave is powered by volunteers who provide headstone photos, biographies, GPS information and other content rich in meaning for family historians. These memorials are a vital piece in the puzzle and provide an important service for anyone searching for ancestors.

FamilySearch is working with Find A Grave to photograph and document headstones all over the world and create online memorials. This allows patrons to discover the final resting place of their ancestors, and to be of service to others searching for ancestors, as well.

We invite you to get involved! Being a Find A Grave contributor is a pleasant kind of service, and anyone can do it. You can photograph headstones in your local cemetery, build out the cemetery map, help create a cemetery profile, add GPS data to existing memorials, fulfill photo requests, or transcribe records. These tasks can be done individually or as a group; as a stop on the way home, on a quiet afternoon, or as a large-scale service project.

Visit to join the group. Every contribution counts to someone; every effort holds meaning.

For Effie Umphress, for me, for families just like mine – all of it makes a difference, and we’re grateful.


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  1. If I receive a request to find a grave in my area and I literally find that grave requested and submit the correct grave, will Find A Grave or Ancestry “pay me” or “compensate” me for finding and submitting that request?

    1. FindAGrave is completely free. When you sign up with them, you agree that you are volunteering your services and will not request payment.

  2. Every time i try to use they wont you to sign in and then ask fro a free trial and it was just plain free no catches take over and wants you to join and then pay. I don”t like that it has been change from being really free to search.Ancestry has took over a pay.lot more sites to make everyone looking for family to have

    1. i have the same question and looking for an answer. I tried to add the memorial I’d from find a website into the app and it says searching for possible matches, no dice there.