Creating a New Source in Family Tree

January 16, 2014  - by 

When you create a source in Family Tree, you type in its title, citation, and notes. You can also type a URL (website address) or you can upload a scanned document for that source. Until now, every source you created was automatically added to your source box.

You can now choose whether to save that source in your source box. Steps one through three of this process are the same as they were previously. The new option shows up in step 4.


  1. On a person’s details page, click the Create a New Source link. This link is located in the Sources section:

Creating a Source 1






2.  Enter the information for the source, and click Save.

3.  Enter a reason that explains why you are attaching this source to this person.

4.  If you want to save this source in your source box, check the box labeled Add to My Source Box, and then click Attach.

Attach a Source 2












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  1. And then just maybe, if you keep your fingers crossed, and have been a good girl, the sources just might attach. For the past week we just see a spinning circle and nothing gets attached. Grrr!

  2. I don’t see any advantage to this new feature. I would rather see it go to the source and you can attach it to the individual. A lot of these so called improvements are a MESS!!!

    1. This is a vital step to adding sources that don’t come from FamilySearch historical records, such as from the internet (if you don’t use Tree Connect), or from the documents you have on your flash drive. It is very valuable.

      1. This is an awesome addition. I use it often when I add someone that I have found from another site such as I can attach it to that person and it goes directly to their findagrave memorial.

    2. Like someone else said, this IS FREE! So let’s be nice. Have you compared to what it costs to use

  3. I was excited to here this had taken place. I added the photos to the persons document file and discovered that I was was not able to attach it to the source I had created. Recreating sources does not make since to add the document, so how long before this feature will be available???? The other problem is telling which document to attach since I have not been able to title the documents….

  4. When you attach a new source to your source box and then attach it to a person, why will it not show up as a numbered source on the person’s sources (at the top of the page)?

    1. I’ve noticed that when I create a source for a record from outside FS it updates the source count. But if I link to a source in Historical Records it doesn’t update the count. I find that only reloading the page will do that.

  5. I looking for the ability to attach the source to several members of the same family with ‘one click’. In the 1960-70s I hired researchers on various lines, and want to include that information as source, but not to have to go to each person individually. Thanks

  6. I may be a novice in the software world but I am so glad we have a FREE program
    so we can take our family names to the
    temple. This is the Lord’s work and he has a hand in it. The work will continue to process no matter what obstacle we may come across..

    1. Sharon, you’re right about this being a gift from God. But, take a look at the various programs that are certified to use with FS/FT. There are free versions. You can download each one to see which one is to your liking. You really need to have your own database. If someone comes in & makes changes that are questionable, it is necessary to have a place to go that contains your records & not the whole worlds.

  7. I have yet to see the new attach a created source have the above functionality. However, I have noticed that the sources that I create no longer are counted in the source counter, which
    means that I have to physically look at sources to know if they have been done.

  8. I have been working with computers and customer support for over 25 years. I am very excited about Family What a wonderful tool it is. I understand the frustration some may have with having to add a source to each record instead of doing it to everyone at one time or the other glitches we may see. May I remind everyone that this is leaps and bounds better than anything we have had in the past. The fact that my sister in the Genealogy center in Utah and my father in Arizona can work on the same files that I am working on in Japan is a huge blessing. Please make suggestions to improve the product rather than expressing your frustration.

    Thank you everyone for working on this project from the top down.

  9. While adding sources and you want to maintain the cronological order for a person, one has to add the sources backwards: Adding first the death, the probates and censuses, marriages and at last the birth. Is there a feature comming that alloves them to be manipulated freely?

    1. After the sources are attached and appear in the Source field of a person’s page, you can either drag and drop them into the correct chronological position (look for the black line and then drop), or you can hover the mouse to the right of a source and see and up or down arrow and click on to move source.

        1. Truly!!! If only everyone were made readily aware of the training for Family Tree! I have suggested that in the drop down menu when the mouse hovers over Family Tree that engineers put a link to the training right there, that would surely help!!!