All LDS Members, Including Youth, Can Now Get Free Access to FamilySearch Partner Websites

August 12, 2014  - by 

All members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as well as LDS youth ages 13-17, can now create their own personal accounts with, findmypast, and MyHeritage.

These resources are helping Church members find more ancestors needing temple ordinances.

To sign up for your personal accounts:

  1. Click the button below for the account you wish to register for. You can choose all three, but you must follow the same steps and register for one at a time. After you click the button, you will immediately be asked to sign in to
  2. Once you have signed in to, you will be guided to create an account for the website you selected. Each account is unique and requires its own registration.
  3. Once you have successfully entered your information, you’ll be taken to the site you’ve selected to create your account. Or, if you already have an existing account with one of these websites, you can convert your existing subscription to a free account.

Use the links below, or login to



MyHeritage Logo

To create an account with, click on the logo and follow the instructions on the screen.


findmypast Logo

To create an account with findmypast, click on the logo and follow the instructions on the screen.

MyHeritage Logo

To create an account with MyHeritage, click on the logo and follow the instructions on the screen.


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  1. Are the genealogy partner sites no longer available. Every time I try to use the links I get a bad gateway for My Heritage and the other sites let me go through the actions of signing up, but then error out.

  2. When I try to use these links I get a message that says “Thank you for your interest but at this time you do not qualify for this offer”.

      1. I get the same message “Thank you for your interest but at this time you do not qualify for this offer”.and I am logged into my LDS account

        1. Sorry, that is frustrating! Follow this link to contact a representative that can hear your problem and hopefully be able to fix it for you.

    1. I’m already signed up for these since years ago so I tried the above links in an incognito window as if I were not already signed up to see what happens. Clicking the MyHeritage link, for example, brought up the sign in for FamilySearch. I entered my FamilySearch credentials, which then brought up the option to “Continue for your FREE MyHeritage account” or to “Sign in to connect your account” (if you’ve already established a MyHeritage account, it will let you convert it to the complimentary access account provided by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

      Maybe clear your cookies and try again? Or, get help from the family history specialist in your ward or stake? The sites have their own help, too: (lovely Irish folks with accents will help you, as they are based in Ireland <3)

      Best wishes, Renée

  3. Hello, I have an active membership with Ancestry/Family Search with a Family Tree and I have had trouble with my laptop and the cooling fan burnt out earlier this year. I have also been unwell the past few months also, hence I have not been on Ancestry to load my tree until today. l I have a new laptop now and helped me today to get a replacement onto my new laptop and I will need to pull my tree through. I have forgotten my username and password for my login to family search and I cannot get past the extra loading of Ancestry without the username and password. My active tree is called SanderyAngela(1) Can you please send the info to change the username and password to my gmail below. My apologies for this and thank you Angela Sandery from South Australia

    1. Angela, Sorry you have been sick! I hope you are feeling a little better. As for your username and password question, you can contact a representative when you follow this link. They should be able to help you change your username and password.