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April 19, 2013  - by 

FamilySearch is rolling out new product videos in conjunction with the launch of the new FamilySearch website. These videos are less than 3 minutes long and show how a new user can have success using each of the new features of the site. The videos are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Look for these videos on the Learning Center of Video Tutorials and Guides

Getting Started Videos

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  1. The “new” training videos actually show the “old” Family Tree site, not the new one.

    Also I (and probably many others) cannot view them because we get a message: ” Need IE 9, Safari or Google Chrome 17″.

    I am a FHC director, teach a Ward FH Class and our FHC computers and my older laptop cannot be upgraded to IE 9, not a Mac for Safari and my laptop crashes with Chrome 17.

    I hate to think we need new computers to view these videos online. These are tough economic times and we need to “make do” so we really need something compatible with older XP, IE 8 and FIREFOX–Firefox is widely used as a browser and can’t believe these videos do not play on the latest version of FIREFOX!!!!

    PLEASE, PLEASE revamp so most of us can watch these videos online!

  2. I can no longer find the Learning Center on the FamilySearch website or the dozens of tutorials and Research Wikis that were located there. Can you provide a direct link? Thanks.

  3. It is sad..I was so happy to see your new problem. As I was building my tree and adding documents, than I hit my great grandfather page..So one was linking pages to the site, My great grandfather was not married to his mother, my great great grandfather was not married to my great grandfather wife, it was like they were just linking “familysearch” no names. My great great great grandfather was married only once, but “family search” has linked every Alexander McPherson to him, again no names for the link… I have stop providing you documents, photos, and stories because this has become a big free for all “familysearch” members..They should not be linking, if my tree is now a mess I can see other trees becoming a mess also… I can’t even unlink the errors trees…so sad

  4. Hi,
    I am currently building my family tree available on your web site.
    I notice that there is a place for “Christening” but no place for Baptisms.
    Due you treat both events as same?
    May be i missed to find it.