A Consultant’s Role in Moving Temple Work Forward

September 4, 2012  - by 

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It

As a family history consultant, you play a vital role in helping members take names to the temple. Many of you also work with non-members or even members who are not yet ready to submit names to the temple and are simply finding their ancestors. Family Tree is a tool that will help each of these groups achieve their goals. And, as a Family Tree expert, you will be in a position to teach them about Family Tree and to help make the process easier for them. The sacredness and importance of family history has been captured beautifully in a video featuring Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve, found here.

The key to success in engaging members in the saving work of family history is to help them to have a “heart-turning moment.” This is a spiritual awakening as they serve their deceased relatives and they feel the joy of being active participants as a fundamental part of Heavenly Father’s plan of salvation. The Spirit of Elijah will help you and these members achieve these special feelings and then make a difference that will impact families here on earth and beyond the veil.

If you haven’t had a chance to see it in action, you can register to use Family Tree, the future replacement for new.familysearch.org, at http://familysearch.org/invite/familytree_tab. You can also take advantage of training that has been prepared for the release of Family Tree. Please visit our training website to take a training course, view tutorials, access a user guide, participate in a webinar, and much more.


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  1. They are remodeling our Church building and when it is complete we will no longer have a family history center. We will have no access to a lot of the “research” websites that the Church Leaders have worked so hard for us to have. Non-members will not have anyplace to go for help. As a family history consultant I feel like I have been given a job to do, but then they turned around and took all my tools away. I love this work! I believe in this work. This work must be done. What now?
    LeAnn Knifer Atkin
    Lander, WY

  2. I was sorry to learn that you will no longer have a FHC. It certainly takes away a place where both members and non-members can come for help and with questions. Not all research can be done on computer at this time. I am still using micofilms for most of my research at this time.