Connect with Your Family: Past, Present, and Future

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Family history activities to connect your family through generations.

Family history provides a powerful way to strengthen your family. Connect with your family’s past to build a legacy through fun and meaningful activities, shared family stories, tools that help you along the way. See this presentation by Mike Sandberg and the activities below to get started.

Learn how to discover your family history using FamilySearch.
How to engage your family in genealogy with fun activities.
Share your family's story to connect with your ancestors.


Learn about Your Family

Discover your family history by learning about your ancestors and their lives. Or, expand your family’s understanding of FamilySearch apps, tools, and activities.

Using FamilySearch Apps

How to download and use FamilySearch mobile apps.

Map Your Ancestors

How to find maps of my ancestors' lives.

Simple Ways to Find Your Family

How to start finding your family and your ancestors.


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Engage in Family Fun

Dive into some fun family activities for all ages. Whether you’re planning a family reunion, a game night, or a Sunday meal, you’ll find plenty of ideas here to make family history a part of your gathering.

Activites for the Whole Family

Try fun family activities to introduce family history.

Food and Family History

How to make the most of family meals with family history.

Your Family’s DNA History

What DNA can tell you about your family's history.

Test Your Family History Knowledge

Quiz your family about your ancestors.

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Share Your Family’s Story

Family history is all about connections with past, present, and future generations. Find ideas to help you tell your story, connect with other family members, or share memories on social media.

Relatives Around Me

How to find relatives near you on the FamilySearch Family Tree app.

Record Oral Histories

Record oral histories of your family stories for future generations.

18 Tips to Write Your Family Stories

Make a habit of writing your personal and family stories.

Start Simple with 52 Stories

Start recording your family history in 52 questions each week this year.

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  1. I love your site. Your information helped me write and publish my family history book: FROM WHENCE WE CAME: AN ITALIAN SOJOURN. Thank you.

  2. Thank you! At an earlier class here at Roots Tech they said we should refer to family History now as Family Gathering. Very Endearing. Thank you!

    Ted and Karen Meyer
    NASW TFHC Scottsdale Coordinating Council

    1. So Brother Summerhays indicated not to change the name we call our efforts unless it comes down from Salt Lake City. Although I like family gathering too. Great blog!

  3. How can I find out if Alice and Benjamin Cailey from Kansas 1940 census info. I can’t find them on Family search. How can I find out if we are blood relatives? The last name Cailey is not a common name. thank you

    1. I think they are here:

      The record is for Bailey instead of Cailey, but if you look at the image the first letter is fragmented and it does actually look like a C instead of a B. Ancestry also had the couple listed but transcribed the records as Cailey here:

      I see you added them to the Tree on FamilySearch here:
      but the birth years you entered for both of the Caileys seem to be 10 years off. You should change those birth years and then see what you can find.

      Good luck!

  4. happy to hear from any from Denmark with name Strandgard who may be related to me

  5. hope to find information on my great grandfather Cornelius O’Leary , born in the 1800’s in county Cork Ireland, probably in a town called Inchigelia. Any information would be great. Thank you

  6. Mike, I just wanted to leave a note saying thank you for this presentation you did at the 2018 RootsTech. It was easily the most moving class I have attended. I still today get emotional about how you taught ways to connect family. When I am talking with someone about family history, inevitably something taught here comes up and I send them to read more here. Our family has made a greater effort in our work, and we were avid in doing family history work before your class. Thanks again!
    -Jeff Smith

  7. In the Blog page at the following URL: there is an entry under the title, “Engage in Family Fun” called, “Your Family’s DNA History.” Unfortunately, that linked page has nothing to do with DNA history, but goes to this page: “Simple Start to Family History.” None of the subtitles on that page indicate any relationship to DNA history. I have submitted this to FamilySearch and gotten a case number (04787174), but that has been closed out without resolution, re-opened with an additional request for resolution, and nothing has happened with it. It was originally submitted more than 8 months ago. Please fix.

  8. This is really great info, thank you for posting it, it helped me with my speech I had to give about connection! (I also had a credits slide and gave you credit for some of the ideas!)

  9. looking for the date of the wedding of Leo g. Duquette and Alice Picard in Fall River, 1953..

  10. Looking for the date of the wedding of Leo Duquette and Alice Picard in Fall River,Ma. in 1953.

  11. I’m looking for anyone that is any kinship to the Shelly, Smith,Foster, or the Byrd family please contact me. Shelly is my dad’s and his father’s side, Smith is my dad’s mother’s side of the family. Foster is my mom’s father’s side & Byrd is my mom’s birth mother’s side of family and if like to get to know that side of my family .