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Famicity and FamilySearch family trees

Famicity gives families a personal, secure place to share photos and memories, connect with each other, and collaborate on a family tree. Here is a taste of what Famicity can do for you, how it works with, and how to create your own free account with Famicity.

Famicity: A Private Family Social Network

A little like Facebook, Famicity offers an easy-to-use social sharing platform—but in a more personal and secure way. When one family member opens a free account on Famicity and invites other family members to join, you create a private family network where you all can have fun sharing pictures and stories. One unique feature of Famicity is that, once you sign up for the free service, you can download your family tree, photos, and memories from and then lock them down on Famicity for “by invitation only” access.

Famicity, a social sharing family tree

Because Famicity is free of unwanted ads and posts, you can also feel safe allowing your whole family to participate, including the younger children.

Famicity with FamilySearch Family Trees

Famicity users can create their own family tree from scratch or import their family trees from (up to four generations). When you import your FamilySearch family tree, you can share it with your family, make collaborative updates inside your private Famicity space, and then choose when to add those updates to  the FamilySearch Family Tree.

In order to import your FamilySearch tree, register for Famicity using your FamilySearch account. Once your Famicity tree is created using your FamilySearch information, you can add additional stories and pictures of your shared family history.

Famicity can pull from your FamilySearch family tree

Famicity: A Place for Family Photos

Many people use the FamilySearch Memories app to preserve family photos and share photos of their deceased ancestors. Once you connect a photo to a deceased ancestor on the FamilySearch Family Tree, the photo can be seen by other FamilySearch users. Famicity allows you to upload and share family photos in a private, secure network.

Many users have said they are using the Famicity platform as a sort of hub for their family to stay connected by sharing current photos and stories. Famicity allows families to have completely private interactions without the risk of having personal photos exposed as they may be on traditional social media outlets.

Sign up for a famicity account
Sign Up for a Free Account at

Visit Famicity, and click Register in the top right corner. You can sign up using your FamilySearch account, an email and password, or a Facebook account. Remember, if you want to be able to import your family tree and photos from, you need to register for Famicity using your FamilySearch account information.

Setting Up Your Family Tree and Sharing It

If you choose to register for Famicity using your FamilySearch account, Famicity will ask for permission to access your FamilySearch family tree information. After you give permission, your tree will be imported quickly. This process is a really fast way to begin building your Famicity tree!

Next, you will be able to access and work on your family tree through Famicity, adding additional pictures and stories of your family members in your family’s private space. Simply click a family member’s name or image and add pictures and stories to make your family story come alive.

Next, invite other members of your family to collaborate by going to the left navigation bar and clicking the Contacts icon.

Once you and your family are all connected, try using the Story feature! This feature looks similar to a timeline or social media feed, where you can ask questions, share recent photos, and talk about recent goings-on.

Famicity and FamilySearch

Want something fun to talk about at your next family gathering? Share your experience using Famicity with your family members and get them excited about staying connected!

Get started with your own private family network with Famicity.

As a FamilySearch Solutions provider, Famicity is one of many providers working with FamilySearch to help provide additional functionality for the FamilySearch Family Tree. Famicity provides a safe, secure network where you can connect with your family and work on your FamilySearch tree together.


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  1. I registered for Famicity and two members of my family have put in a few placeholder photos and text blocks to test it. It looks promising as a private replacement for our Google+ family circle.
    However, I have tried for over a week to use the “Contact Us” and “Help Portal” using several different browsers and machines and the contact/help pages never work. If someone from Famicity is still monitoring the comments here could they please tell me if one can download one’s own content if necessary (as we are now having to do with our Google + content). Also it is usually this hard to get in touch with Famicity?

  2. Who controls access to joining – the first one in the family – can this role be transferred to another family member?

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