A New Look is Coming for the FamilySearch Research Wiki

July 25, 2014  - by 

Here is some exciting news about the FamilySearch Research Wiki. Our Research Wiki site will receive a major upgrade later this year (2014). This future upgrade will provide some welcome improvements. For example, there will be more space on the web page to view enriched text and images.  There will also be increased editing capabilities for contributors and several other useful changes.

To accommodate this new look and to provide improved readability, the layout of many current wiki pages will go through some format changes.  FamilySearch and the Wiki Community are already working on new ways to restructure and display Research Wiki information that will make articles easier to read and use.

You can view some of the possible changes and give feedback by visiting the Testing: Wiki Usability wiki page. More page revisions and ideas will be posted in the coming months. Whether you are brand new to the research wiki or a seasoned user and contributor, come check out some of the new designs and let us know what you think.  We’d love to hear from you.

The FamilySearch Research Wiki is an online resource that links users to genealogy records and indexes, both online and at archives, for over 244 countries around the world. This collection of 79,000 wiki articles has been created by volunteers and experts in the genealogical community who have shared their knowledge and expertise to help you find your ancestors. Come check out our FamilySearch Research Wiki and see what you can learn. We think you will like what you see.

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  1. This new version of Familysearch.org is terrible and makes it more difficult and tedious to locate information. It is designed to find information on a person you already know the name or who has an established tree, not for searching unknown associations and relationships.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. Yes, it’s true that some of our website contains information about individuals that already have established tree. However, another portion of our website also contains millions of images of original records including birth, marriage, death as well as census and military records, which can give relationships. To search these records, click on the Search link at the top of this page. It will take you to a screen with search fields to enter your ancestor’s name. You can also narrow down the list of databases by locality by using the map to the right of the search fields. I hope this helps in your search for your ancestors.