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Have you ever needed an extra boost to get up and over that block in your family line?

At the 2019 BYU Conference on Family History and Genealogy on July 31–August 2, many attendees got helpful insights as they attended classes on tough genealogy challenges. With both professional and beginner genealogy classes available, there was something for everyone.

If you missed the conference this year or would like a recap, check out the resources below for summaries and insights.

Keynote Speakers

This year’s lineup of keynote speakers included people you might recognize.

Genealogy Classes

Classes held at the 51st annual BYU genealogy conference were given by over 70 presenters, including 24 accredited genealogists.

Many of the class topics were related international research, covering countries such as Germany, the British Isles, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, and more.  Military research, researching formerly enslaved ancestors, and DNA research were also covered by multiple experts in the respective fields. If you ever want to take a class on anything from journaling in the 20th century to the history of British food, the BYU genealogy conference is certainly the place to be!

The articles below all share content presented at the 2019 BYU genealogy conference. See what you can learn to help with your own family history!

Read More from BYU Genealogy Conference Archives

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    1. Unfortunately these will not be online for virtual access, but we have writers attending the conference. They will be writing articles for all the sessions they attend, so stay tuned!

      1. Looking at the few options archived available is scanty to say the least Actually attending this conference (I was able to do so years ago) is not an option for me. It would be so helpful if more information was available. At least unless I missed something, there is very little archived available.

        1. Carol, I totally hear you. Attending in person is always so much better! Unfortunately, we can’t record anything from the conference but we just finished publishing all the summaries if you would like to take a look by clicking here. I hope you are able to learn something fun or interesting from these.