Bruce Feiler Teaches Us We are All Story Tellers

February 4, 2016  - by 
Bruce Feiler Keynote Speaker RootsTech 2016

We all have stories to tell; family stories as well as individual stories. According to Bruce Feiler, Thursday morning’s keynote address speaker, these stories have enormous value. They are so powerful in how they teach. He stressed how our own stories are so important to our families and need to be remembered and even more importantly, shared.

Feiler shared with us how he began developing a love of storytelling, starting when he wrote home to his grandmother when he was traveling abroad and learning that she zeroxed his letters and shared them with many people in town.

Feiler went on to expand on his story telling skills by write books about his world travels, living as a clown in a circus for a year and traveling through many of the places referenced in the Bible. He spoke about living in a monastery and seeing what was purported to be the “official” burning bush of Moses’s time.

Then he shared stories about dealing with life and death experiences in his own life. He spoke of discovering that he had cancer in his leg and how dealing with such a traumatic experience changed his life. He explained how experiences like these change people and have valuable lessons that can help our children and grandchildren.

The love of stories goes deep into our very souls. From the beginning of time, mankind has loved hearing stories and the lessons they have to offer. Bruce Feiler is a master story teller, yet he assured all in attendance that you don’t have to be a master story teller to share your stories. We all have important life changing events in our lives. Stories about those events have enormous power and need to be shared with others.

Bruce Feilers keynote address was inspiring in so many ways. Take a few minutes and listen in his own words and see how he pulls you into his world, shares his learnings simply by the stories he tells.
















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