Bring a Family Story to Life with Oral Histories

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Bring a Family Story to Life with Oral Histories

Do you have a family member that tells the funniest family stories? I do. My Aunt Peg remembers important details about the lives of my grandparents—and more importantly about my deceased mother—that really bring me back to a formative time in my family’s history. Without my mom, Aunt Peg is my connection to the past. But what happens when Peg is no longer around?

Meet oral histories. Though it sounds like something your dentist might keep of your molars and bicuspids, an oral history is actually a verbal record of a single family story or a lifetime of experiences by someone who lived them. Oral histories are a very important part of family history.

Follow the simple tips in the following infographic to get started. More detailed instructions are available in an informative article on the FamilySearch Wiki.

4 Easy Steps to Bring a Family Story to Life with Oral Histories

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