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Do you have a family brigadeiro recipe or love Brazilian cheese bread? Or maybe some of your ancestors came from Brazil but you don’t know much about them?

Knowing the history of our ancestors’ lives, the places where they lived, what they believed in, their customs, the occupation they had, and so on connects us to them, reinforcing our roots and helping us understand who we are.

Read more about how to find your family from Brazil, connect with your Brazilian heritage, cook Brazilian food, and even learn about dual citizenship.

Searching for Your Ancestors

FamilySearch International offers free family history services online and access to its genealogical database. On, you can track down your family names in historical records, work on your family tree with your family, preserve memories, and more.

Learning about Your Ancestors

Since the beginning of its Portuguese colonization, Brazil has received people from all over the world. The Spanish, Dutch, and French, as well as Italians and Scandinavians were peoples who came to Brazil during the colonial period.

Title image for Brazil historical timeline.
Brazil historical timeline from 1500 to 1985.
Chart of major migration to Brazil.

The influence of these different immigration cycles is the diversity and multiplicity of Brazil, which you can see today in the language, beliefs, behavior, customs, religion, folklore, and cuisine of Brazil, as well as in other ways.

Do You Have Ancestors Who Left Brazil? has records from Brazil and all around the world! Search for your ancestor’s name in historical records and learn more about your roots.

Title image for Brazil populations around the world.

Graphic showing Brazil emigration around the world.

Find Out if You Are Eligible for Brazilian Dual Citizenship

Family arriving in Brazil after becoming citizens.

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