RootsTech Connect Presents bless4 as Keynote Speakers and Performers

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RootsTech Connect 2021 (25–27 February 2021) is excited to present bless4, a prominent Japanese pop group, as keynote speakers and performers. You won’t want to miss what bless4 has to offer. Register for RootsTech Connect today—it’s all online and completely free!

What Is bless4?

bless4 is a pop group formed by four Kawamitsu siblings—Akashi, Kanasa, Akino, and Aiki. Although all of the siblings except for Akashi were born in the United States, the family moved to Okinawa in 1997 when their father, Haru, felt a longing for the place where he grew up.

In 2003, the siblings formed bless4 and debuted with their single “Good Morning! Mr. Sunshine.” The group hasn’t slowed down since. Since its formation, bless4 has released 3 albums and 10 singles. In the 18 years since their initial debut, the Kawamitsu siblings continue to impress audiences around the world with their musical talent.

bless4 in Pop Culture

Even if you haven’t heard of bless4 before now, you may have come across the group’s music in several popular shows and cartoons. The group contributed multiple songs—including the closing credits theme—to Disney Animation Studio’s show Stitch!, which is based on Disney’s 2002 classic movie Lilo and Stitch. In addition, bless4’s song “Sousei no Aquarion” was used as the opening theme for a Japanese anime of the same name. The song became incredibly popular and remained on Japan’s top music charts for over a year. The music of bless4 will also be featured in the upcoming Ryukyu anime movie Tedashiro no Kamiuta.

The Kawamitsu siblings have performed around the world in tours, concerts, and conventions. With so many accolades under their collective belt, they’re sure to have fascinating stories to bring to RootsTech Connect!

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The Kawamitsu Siblings’ Personal Lives

Though the Kawamitsu siblings work together to create bless4, they all have their own unique talents and interests that they pursue along with their music. Aiki Kawamitsu enjoys writing and has published a novel based on his own life experiences. Akashi is the president of Kawamitsu Attainment, the record label that now represents bless4.

Akino has struck out on her own as a singer and boasts her own repertoire of albums and singles, several of which have been included in anime and games. Often, Akino performs with her siblings under the name “AKINO and bless4” to promote their shared group.

Watch bless4 and RootsTech Connect

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    1. Hi Robert! Thank you for your question. When you go to the RootsTech website, click on “Sessions” and then “Keynotes”. You will be able to see the Main Stage schedule for your specific time zone. If you are interested particularly in this group, bless4, they will be on the Main Stage at 4 am EST on 25 February, 1 pm EST on 26 February, and then on-demand anytime you want to watch them after that for the course of the next year.