All about Black History Month

January 17, 2020  - by 
an african american family laughs on a beach together.

Since 1976, every United States president has observed Black History Month each February. This time is dedicated to celebrating African American heritage and the achievements of people of African descent. 

Starting as a week-long celebration in the 1920s, Negro History Week and Black History Month have inspired numerous events and communities over the last century. Today, museums, college campuses, government agencies, and nationwide communities rally together to recognize contributions that people of African descent have made throughout American and world history.

How will you celebrate Black History Month this year? If you have African ancestors, it is the perfect time to honor your ancestors and to learn more about your African and African American heritage. 

Search African Heritage Records

To celebrate Black History Month, FamilySearch has added 29 new record collections specifically containing information on individuals of African descent. Try finding your ancestors within these collections using the search form below!


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